{Filofax Friday} The Latest Addition to the Family

I wasn’t planning on buying another Filofax. Then again, I don’t know many people that do actually plan to buy a Filofax. They just seem to jump into your cart and appear at your door a couple days later.

I own a personal-sized Osterley in Plum already, and while I’m not crazy about the layout on the inside, I do love the 2 pen loops and I also love the look which is a shock in itself. When they first came out, I hated them. I actually said, that’s one line I will never buy… {I guess I was wrong.} I’m not sure what it is about it, it just makes me feel fancy. And for anyone who thinks they look a bit hard and not nice to touch at all, they are just lovely and oh so smooth.

Anyway, the grey Osterley had been calling my name. It kept popping up in videos, and all I could think was “Grey is one of my favorite colors and I love my plum Osterley, so I’ll have to get one one day.”

Well it just so happened that one day I decided to just look at them on Pens & Leather. I was just planning on checking out the prices, factoring in any discounts… you know the whole deal. So on to the site I went, and on the grey Osterley’s page, I saw two words, “SOLD OUT.” Then I saw “DISCONTINUED.”

I basically went into full on panic mode. {Yes, I realize that seems crazy.} Here I was wanting one, and I was too late. Filofax was sold out. Amazon didn’t have them either. There weren’t any on Ebay. I turned to Google Shopping and found them still available at Goldspot. Into my cart one went, and without thinking twice, it was ordered and on it’s way to my house.

I’m happy to say, it has arrived without any damage. The rings are perfect, and I can sleep a little bit easier knowing I didn’t let my Osterley get away.

So without further ado, I introduce to you, my new grey Osterley.


I’m still playing around with the inserts and the set up. I’ve also acquired a few new goodies so I’ll likely be back with an updated set up, and maybe something about all the fun bits and bobs I’ve gotten. The My Week feature may even make a comeback. We shall see.

Until then, thanks for reading. Happy Filofaxing, and have a great weekend!


{Filofax Friday} Pondering Change

Reading some of my recent posts, some of you may have caught on that I’ve been neglecting my Osterley lately. I’ve found that when things in my life get hectic, the smart thing to do would be to rely heavily on my planner, but I do just the opposite which only makes matters worse. My life isn’t terribly hectic, but not using a planner makes me feel like it is, and when it gets hectic, I want to use my planner even less, so I was in a bit of a catch 22, and I had to do something about it.

This week I started my first experiment by swapping my Week on a Page plus notes inserts for the spare Week on 2 Pages cotton cream inserts I had gotten with my Osterley. Keeping in mind my commitment to not buy any more planners in 2013, I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have them on hand already.

Now I’m going to throw out a bit of a disclaimer here. I realize I just wrote a post on how I got out of planner fail, and to some of you it may seem like I am in planner fail now that I’m considering change. I don’t necessarily consider this planner fail though. Normally I’d be out buying 20 more planners right now, but I’m actually still keeping the same system – my monthly overview, a weekly spread for forward planning, and daily pages for planning out my day. I know it works for me and there’s no need to change it nor do I want to, and again, I’m not buying anything additional. I had the inserts already.

Anyway, I have been increasingly bothered by Filofax’s silly idea to cram five languages and foreign holidays onto a week per page diary. I mean they sell inserts specially made for most countries already printed in the correct language, so is there really still a need to print all 5 languages? Can’t we at least get a 1 language version because I really don’t need to know how to say my days of the week in other languages, and I don’t want to have to rig a set up of Week per page with note paper in between. I like having the week on the same side. If the languages weren’t enough, they have to print all the other countries’ holidays too. I mean they are interesting to know, but not something I need to be reminded of in my planner. I’d be fine without them. *end of rant*

Looking at my weekly pages, some days I just had NO room for my appointments because of all the languages and holidays. I always had room on my notes pages though, so I figured maybe I didn’t really need a full page to write my graduate assignments on. The cotton cream Wo2P diary has a notes section at the top so I’m going to test them out for a few weeks. When I had originally got them in my Osterley, I didn’t use them purely because I have OCD and all my other diary pages weren’t in cotton cream which bothered me a lot more than I’d like to admit. I really wish Filofax made the other diary inserts in cotton cream as well just so there was consistency in my planner, but I’ve found with Filofax it’s more wish in one hand and… {you know the rest…}

Another change I’m considering is swapping out the Month per page for the Month on 2 page insert I have on hand. I bought both of them at the beginning of this year knowing that I may want to swap them at some point. But that’s a little bit more change than I’m willing to take on right now. One thing at a time…