Update & Brief Posting Delay


I’m popping into the blog today to briefly explain my posting absence.

As some of you may know, my primary job is managing a help desk at a university. Our Fall semester started about three weeks ago which means I’ve been knee-deep in our busiest time of year.

Somewhere in those three weeks, there were also a number of events including celebrating my 29th birthday. (Happy belated birthday to me!)

Then, just as I seemed to be reaching the end of my busy season, I was thrown an unexpected curveball when a neighbor above me called a plumber to unclog a shared pipe in the building. It wasn’t until later that night that I discovered the plumber unknowingly unclogged the pipe by pushing it straight into my condo, and by that time, there’d already been extensive water damage caused in both my condo and the unit below me.

Thankfully, the issue was due to a shared pipe, so I was not responsible for the damages. It did mean, however, that for the better part of the past week, I was forced to deal with with a few sleepless nights, having to take off work, daily visits from a remediation company, almost deafening dehumidifiers and fans running constantly, and worst of all – watching along in horror as the flooring I was so thrilled about having put in when I bought the place were ripped up.


While it doesn’t look all that bad in the photo, and admittedly it could have been a LOT worse, the concerning issue is that the flooring, which is now discontinued, runs throughout my condo with no breaks. Unless the pieces they gingerly removed are salvageable, we will be in for a lengthy fight and headache to have our homeowner’s association replace the floors entirely.

Normally, I try to post here every other week, but, admittedly, this is one of those cases where life even my best laid plans have been completely thrown out the window. Expect a new post in 2 weeks or so, as I get things back in order.

Top Photo by Oliur on Unsplash

Taking on the Chores CleanMama Style

This week’s post is a bit of a divergence from this blog’s normal content, but these two changes in our house have had such an impact on my sanity, I couldn’t help but share. I’ll be back with a fun tech tip that leverages both Evernote and Things in 2 weeks.


I’d love to be able to tell you my house looks like one of those immaculate photos you find on Pinterest every day. Unfortunately, no house that people actually live in is capable of looking like that. More often than not, the kitchen counters are covered in that day’s meals. The dining room and balcony play host to a variety of hockey and music equipment, sofa cushions are thrown on the floor, and equal piles of laundry are sitting in the dryer, the hampers, and on the bed.


I’ve tried a number of methods to keeping the house clean over the years, but they all ended up being too complicated to keep up – even for me with my excessively organized to-do apps. (Spoiler alert: keep reading for a screenshot of how I’m using Things to manage household chores.) For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying out something different, and it’s working.


Adapted from Becky Rapinchuk’s Clean Mama routine, the house certainly isn’t spotless, but by tackling a little bit each day, it has been getting consistently cleaner. Even better, I’m spending considerably less time cleaning which is actually kind of mind-blowing.


Getting Started

First things first, I set up the house for to be incredibly easy to clean. I tossed all the old cleaners. I also gave up on trying to be one of those people who makes their own cleaning products. It seems like a great idea, but eventually you have to make more, and the added step of measuring ingredients becomes another reason to avoid cleaning.


Under each sink in the house I have a spray bottle of Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Spray. Each of the bathrooms also have Mrs. Meyers Tub and Tile spray and toilet bowl cleaner. With only three cleaning products to choose from, it’s no longer a question of which one to use, and because everything’s right under the sink where it should be, there’s no longer any question of where the cleaning products are. I keep bins of microfiber cloths in both the kitchen and linen closet, both of which happen to be conveniently at either end of the condo.


Daily Tasks

Every day, Becky’s routine recommends the five following tasks:

  • Make the Beds¬†– Admittedly we don’t do this. I’ve never been a bed maker unless I’m feeling extra tidy. It’s also a struggle when you share a bed with someone who wakes up before or after you pretty much every day. That being said, countless people recommend doing this to set the tone for your day, so go for it if it suits you.
  • Check Floors – Our Neato vacuum takes care of the majority of this for us every day. (Thanks Neato. ūüôā) I do have a small broom and dust pan in the master bathroom to sweep up around the cat box, but since we use pellets instead of clay litter this is a 2 second job most days.
  • Wipe counters – I’m a bit surprised to say I’ve gotten into quite the habit of wiping down the counters throughout the house any time I use them. Having the Mrs. Meyers spray within reach helps.
  • Clutter – I try to put things away while I’m walking around the house throughout the day, but I also have a few bins and baskets scattered around the house now for corralling the other half’s things (and some of mine too) when things get out of hand.
  • Laundry – This is another thing I don’t do daily, but instead weekly. More on that later.
I’ve also added a couple of our own tasks to the list:



  • Scoop the cat box – This is a daily necessity in a multi-cat household.
  • Empty the kitchen sink (and, if it’s full or nearly full, run the dishwasher).



Tackling these daily tasks takes maybe 15 minutes, and since I tend to do them as I’m going throughout my day, I don’t feel like I have a mountain of chores waiting for me each night when I get off work.


Weekly Tasks

In addition to the daily tasks, Becky recommends adding in a 10-15 minute weekly task each day of the week.


Mondays are bathroom cleaning days. I used to dread cleaning them, but her method is pretty darn easy. (Spray everything down. Let sit for a few minutes. Wipe from top to bottom. I’m simplifying here, but not much.)


Tuesdays are for dusting. It only takes a few minutes to run through the entire house with a microfiber duster. I might even consider it fun if I dare say so. Once I’m done, it goes in the hamper to be washed with the towels later in the week.


Wednesdays are for vacuuming. We don’t have any carpet, and Neato does a pretty good job at vacuuming the floors for us every day, so I use Wednesdays to vacuum things other than the floor (furniture, cat beds, air vents, ceiling fans, etc).


Thursdays are for washing the floors. I have a spray mop that I can quickly clean the floors with for this. This is one case where I do still make my own cleaning solution, but it’s easy enough to do, and it lasts a while. (Side note if you’ve followed along, you’ll notice I’ve already dusted and vacuumed up said dust on the previous two days, so the floors are already ready for mopping. Genius!)


Friday is considered a catch all day for things like your weekly review or meal planning. This means there’s no major cleaning on Friday.


Saturdays are for washing all sheets and towels. While this routine probably works great for a family, when your other half is a musician, Saturdays for us are pretty busy.


Sunday is technically a free day, but it has always been my laundry day for as long as I can remember so it made sense to just keep it that day. I now also change and wash the sheets on this day rather than doing it randomly throughout the week. I’ve found that by doing all the laundry at once on one day, I’m more likely to get into “laundry mode,” and therefore I’m much more likely to fold/hang everything as it comes out of the dryer rather than letting it pile up.


If you’re wondering where all the other monthly/seasonal household maintenance tasks are, I just slot these in throughout the week as time permits. It turns out that you actually have time to do things like wash the baseboards and clean the appliances when you’re only spending 15-20 minutes on regular cleaning.


As promised, here’s what it all looks like in Things.
by default 2019-08-07 at 9.20.57 AM


I had my doubts when I started this routine. I thought to myself, I couldn’t possibly keep the house clean by just doing those few things. I seriously cut my Chores list in Things in half. Somehow it works though, and my house is tidier than ever. Moreover, I actually find myself wanting to clean, so I’ll call it a success in my book.


Quick Condo Update


I’m popping into the blog today for a quick post to explain my brief absence from posting.

It’s been quite a long time since I posted any updates on my condo. To be frank, not a lot has changed, so there haven’t been any updates to share up until today.

I’m pleased to say that a major project has been checked off my list in the past week.

My condo finally has new windows!

The builder-grade windows and patio door from the 70s that only served to keep the rain out have been replaced. The replacements already seem to be doing wonders for my energy usage. My Nest thermostat is already reporting my heat is running an average of 1-2 hours compared to 6-10 hours previously.

Of course, such a massive project has left my house and daily routines in shambles, so I’m still trying to play catch up to return to some sense of normalcy.

I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule soon.

Condo Project – Week 24

This past Saturday, IKEA held their “BYOF” (Bring Your Own Friends) event. If you’ve never attended, it’s basically a normal IKEA day with a lot more people, free breakfast¬†and bag, and some other offers thrown in.¬†After attending the first with my mom last year, I suppose it’s become a tradition. I, of course, took this trip as an opportunity to stock up on all the IKEA goodies I’d been wanting to grab.

Last month, I purchased some Baltimore-themed prints from a wonderful Etsy shop, RetroBookArt. They actually had a promo to buy two get one free which made the deal even sweeter. I’ve been dying to get them up on the wall, so some simple frames were on the list. They were up on the wall within 30 minutes of coming home. They look fantastic, and certainly brighten up the hallway much more than I was expecting. (Side note: Ignore the access panel popping out of the wall. I’m still very much living in a fixer upper. The access panel is¬†merely propped there to keep the cats from going into the walls.)

IMG_3893 2

Next on the list was a set of wall hooks and a door mat for the entry way. After a quick trip to Home Depot to get some anchors,¬†the hooks were up. If there was one thing I’m most pleased with, it had to be these hooks. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it’s made in making my space functional. Instead of running all over my condo when I get home to put things away,¬†everything is right at the door in one place. All that’s left for this space is a “Welcome” sign above the hooks, and the Hemnes shoe cabinet on the opposite wall. I’m also toying with the idea of painting the back of the door with the same aqua spray paint I’ll be using on the dining room chandelier.

IMG_3895 2Something else I picked up were some feet for my remaining Besta cabinetry. I’d managed to utilize all of¬†the cabinets¬†I originally purchased¬†for the wall unit I designed before I moved out except for one. I figured I could use it in my living room, but I needed one more set of feet for it. After waiting months for any IKEA within driving distance¬†to get them back in stock, I learned that IKEA is likely revamping the Besta line, and they might not come back for a while if at all. I wanted to use the cabinet so I came up with plan B: I’d buy any feet that were in stock and swap them out for two¬†of the back feet from the cabinets in my bedroom which you¬†never see.¬†It turned out to be a great plan, and the cabinet went together.IMG_3899 2There was only one problem. After seeing the cabinet together, I realized I had to get another one to balance it out. Back to IKEA I went for a second trip to get more mismatched feet (these went in the back of the TV stand this time) and a second cabinet. The end result gives me a more storage and ties the room together¬†much better. (In case you’ve noticed¬†the picture that’s floating around in the last two pictures, it will¬†be part of the gallery wall I’m putting together in my bedroom, but¬†I don’t have any place to put it right now.) I’ve ordered two mirrors to hang above¬†the end cabinets which will hopefully brighten the room up.

IMG_3901And just for the heck of it, I figured I’d throw in the¬†picture of this room from the listing.¬†I’m still shocked at the transformation.IMG_3896 2Still left on the to-do list for this room:

  • Buy the¬†Hemnes Shoe cabinet
  • A rug
  • Artwork for the fireplace (potential candidate)
  • A larger tv (mounted to the wall)
  • Hanging up the mirrors I ordered
  • Painting the door
  • And some plants and decorative items.

All in all, it’s nice to finally feel like at least one¬†space is nearing completion. My Pinterest board is becoming a reality, little by little.




Condo Project – The Past Two Months

My how time flies. Apparently it’s already been two months since I last left you with any sort of update on the condo. By my calculations we’re approaching the 22 week mark of when I first started on this journey which is simply scary to me. That also means I’ve been a homeowner for nearly 5 months at this point!

When I¬†wrote my last post¬†about the condo, I was in a state of dismay. It seemed like every day something new was breaking, and if I wasn’t already at the condo, I was rushing¬†back to it hoping¬†the place wasn’t falling apart. I basically spent the first month¬†questioning what I had gotten myself into and wishing I had decided to buy a a place rather than just rent.¬†For now, *fingers crossed*,¬†things have finally stopped breaking, at least on a daily basis, and¬†I’ve¬†been able to spend the past¬†2 months getting things livable.¬†I’m naturally interested in finding efficient, organized solutions, so every day I find a new thing to tweak or fix. Nothing like actually living in a house to find out all its quirks.

The Living Room

One of the first things I did after moving in was pick up some necessities from IKEA. Most of what I bought were odds and ends for the kitchen, but I picked up some throw pillows and a sheepskin for the pink chair in attempts to pull the room together. Since taking this picture way back in December (Note: the Christmas tree…) I’ve moved the pink chair to the other side of the sofa, which has made it everyone’s favorite chair now that you can actually see the TV from it.

There’s still a ton on the list for this room:

  • Find artwork. The blank walls are driving me insane much faster than I anticipated.
  • Purchase a larger TV. My 42″ TV worked fine in my bedroom, but it looks minuscule in my Living Room. It will eventually be mounted to the wall.
  • Assemble the remaining Besta cabinet for additional TV storage – I have one remaining cabinet from my former bedroom’s wall unit to repurpose, and it will work perfectly next to my TV stand for more storage. I’m just waiting for any nearby IKEA to restock the feet that match what I already have. I already have one set of 2, so I only need one more box. Sadly they’ve been out of stock for months at this point and I’m worried they’ve been discontinued.
  • Up for debate – a rug. While I love the way rugs anchor a room, I don’t love how the catch dust. I’m not sure if I’m willing to give up the ease of sweeping for a rug.


The Kitchen

The old black dishwasher that started leaking unexpectedly¬†has been replaced with a new white one, and the mice-chewed wiring was replaced for both the garbage disposal and dishwasher. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to have¬†a working dishwasher. My nights are no longer spent washing dishes. I did have to buy a lot more dishes and silverware though because I¬†started running out of things before the dishwasher was full.¬†(Worth noting, the day this picture was taken, the dishwasher had just been delivered hence the dishes in the sink still.)

Another ongoing project is the cabinets. Little by little I’ve been lining them. I was so shocked at how much better the guest bathroom vanity looked lined, I had to snap a picture. Life without cabinet doors and drawer fronts has also been an interesting one, especially with my OCD. I had been planning to wait until the weather warmed up to paint them at my mom’s house, but I gave up and started bringing them back home to paint in the dining room. As of today, I’m happy to report that all drawer fronts except for one that needed to be repaired have been reinstalled. I’ve also started on the cabinet doors. I can’t wait to see what¬†the bathrooms and kitchen look like with all the doors back up and the new hardware installed. It’s no Pinterest worthy dream kitchen, but for the $200 I spent, the before and after will be dramatic.




The Entry Way

Thanks to all this winter weather, it didn’t take long for me to realize how much I¬†desperately needed to do something with my entry way. Coming home with wet boots meant taking my shoes off at the door, carrying them to the fireplace (the closest place with tile), then walking back across the room to hang up my coat on a hook I hung¬†on the coat closet door, and dropping my work bag somewhere in the process.¬†And because my unit has a second bathroom where the coat closet would normally be, my unit’s coat closet is actually about¬†10 feet into the condo around a corner making it useless for storing things I need when heading in or out.¬†So here’s my plan:

  • Hang up hooks on the angled wall by the front door paired with a boot tray so that I can hang¬†my outdoor things¬†up and take my shoes off on the way in. I plan to hang a Welcome sign above this too.
  • On the opposite wall, I’m going to purchase a Hemnes Shoe Cabinet. I don’t necessarily plan to use it for shoes but rather odds and ends like sunglasses or outgoing mail. I may stash¬†the throw blankets that live on my sofa during the winter or when people stay over there too.

As of today, I’ve added some mirrors to the wall right by the door and a¬†boot tray, both from Target.


Other updates not pictured:

  • I’ve started repainting the louvered doors for both the utility closet and laundry closet.
  • I repaired the trim that was damaged when bringing the washer and dryer back in.
  • I replaced all of the interior door knobs (all 4 of them) from their mixture of brass and chrome to a satin nickel finish.

And last but not least, the cats have settled in nicely and spent a lot of time lounging around (well at least the boys lounged around). Skyler quickly took to watching the birds out the back windows.IMG_3739IMG_3728


Stay tuned for more updates.


Confessions of a First Time Homeowner (Take 1)

When I decided to buy a house, everyone told me I was crazy. At the very least, they were adamant I was making a poor choice. I was 24, buying a home seemingly at the spur of the moment that exceeded the recommended 30% of income¬†budget, and I didn’t have a whole lot saved up either.

But I had a problem: I needed to move out.

Rent in my area is $1300+/mo for a 1 bedroom apartment that¬†might¬†be nice but more likely is in a not so great¬†neighborhood, too far away, or isn’t so nice looking. The “luxury” apartments that were for lease a few minutes away fit all the requirements other than the fact that they were going for nearly $2000/mo. Maybe it’s me, but that’s just a wee bit ridiculous for an apartment.¬†Never the less,¬†I’m happy to say I have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that I own for half that.

Living alone, of course, also has its perks. I love being able to stumble out of bed in the morning and head to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee without a care of what I’m wearing or what I look like. I love not being judged for who I have over¬†(Well the cats judge everyone, but that’s another story…). I love deciding whether to leave my dishes in the sink until the next day, and I adore the fact that I can do laundry whenever I want.

My favorite part is being able to decorate things my way. I love seeing my Pinterest boards come to life in my home.


There’s a flip side to homeownership that’s not so lovely.

For starters, I cry a little every time I think about how my bank account had 6x as much money in it a few months ago. Bills, repairs, and stocking a new home add up and they add up quick.

But really what kills me is all the stress of managing this entire place myself. Every day is a new adventure and not necessarily in the fun way.

I’ll take you through the timeline of some of the various crap I’ve dealt with since starting to¬†buy this place

1)¬†It took weeks to get the power on. –¬†Everyone involved could not figure out why there was no power. The electric bill was paid. The meter was receiving power, but there was still nothing. It actually stalled the inspection and delayed the whole buying process. Turns out there was a separate breaker outside that was only discovered thanks to a passing neighbor.

2) My cable connection didn’t work. – The bill was paid. My cable modem and router arrived. The modem was provisioned (since I bought my own). Everything looked right, but nothing worked. Taking a wild guess, I decided to check the closet where the electric breaker was… sure enough, 8 cable jacks (1 for each unit) that were all being used except there was also a wire disconnected… mine…

3) My bank kept trying to get me to pay for additional insurance. – When you have a condo, you pay for your own insurance which covers the contents.¬†A portion of your HOA dues go towards a master insurance policy for the building. For a while it seemed like every other day I got a letter from my¬†bank insisting that I 1) didn’t have a master insurance policy 2) my master insurance policy didn’t have the right coverage or 3) the policy had expired. All of these things resulted in something along the lines of “If you don’t get this by x date, we’ll add it to your mortgage for you.” It took about 2 months (and probably 2 reams of paper) to get that worked out.

4)¬†Mice in the walls don’t mix with electric wires. – Turns out vacant condos = perfect homes for mice, and the building I live in seemed to be no exception. I didn’t have mice, but they did chew my electrical wires, a fun fact we discovered when we noticed the line to the dishwasher arcing in the wall. All I can say is I’m glad this was discovered¬†before¬†I started using it.

5) Thermostats that are broken in the middle of winter are absolutely no fun. – Of course the one day it drops to 30 degrees is also the day I don’t have heat. I’ve lived nearly a week without heat thanks to an ice storm that knocked out power to my house, but having power but no heat is even worse (especially when you’re alone).¬†I now own a small portable heater, but living without heat for more than a couple days is still a no-go from now on.

6) Plumbing nightmares always happen at inopportune times. РLike an overflowing toilet first thing in the morning, or getting a call from your neighbor 15 minutes after you got to work telling you something in your kitchen is leaking down her walls.

7) A house that sat vacant for a couple years is full of surprises. – I literally never know what to expect every¬†single day. For instance, that random leak my neighbor called about – the dishwasher that looked brand new ended up having bad valves that allowed water to flow into it until it overflowed (even though it didn’t even have power running to it.) On that very same day, fixing a¬†clogged sink turned into replacing a garbage disposal that rusted out.

In hindsight, yes I wish I had saved up more money. (Don’t we all though?) Thankfully, my wonderful realtor gifted me a home warranty that actually covers all the appliances (even the 30+ yr old ones on their last legs). At the end of the day, I know I’m saving money buying this place rather than renting. I also know that every little bit I fix will only make this place increase in value more than it has already. I just have to keep reminding myself that every fix I make is being done right, and eventually the daily problems will subside.

But really – I’m 24, and I’m a homeowner! How freaking cool is that!

Rant over.

Signature Update


Condo Project – Moved In (1 Week Later)

It’s been a little over a week since I moved in to the condo, so it’s time for an update.

Despite most of my week being spent binging on True Detective and Girls, I’ve managed to¬†get nearly every box unpacked. I think I have about 3 left¬†to unpack.

My main priority was getting¬†the boxes in my bedroom unpacked. The large majority of the boxes were filled with items in the closet. I’m happy to report my closet’s now organized. Thanks to having “hers and hers” closets, I even get¬†somewhat of a shoe closet, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a shoe closet?¬†Looks like I need more shoes though.IMG_3055

Second project of the week was putting together the window bench in the master bedroom. I never got to complete the entertainment center/desk combo I had designed for my old room, so I had left over cabinetry still in boxes. Turns out some of that cabinetry fit perfectly in the nook in the master bedroom. As expected, it turned into an instant cat magnet. Not expected was how the cats now growl at everyone walking by.

IMG_3682Other projects for the week included unpacking the several boxes of disorganized toiletries which are now stored neatly in plastic containers in the linen closet and master bathroom, starting to¬†unpack¬†things in the second bedroom (aka office/gym), and of course¬†getting rid of the plethora of moving boxes that I’d been storing on the balcony until recycle day. I’m pretty sure I had more recycling than the whole building.

I wish I could say that everything turned out to be roses, but this week was full of plenty of fun new homeowner experiences.¬†The biggest annoyance was that my Nest thermostat shorted out, a fun fact I discovered when I realized that my thermostat thought it was almost 80 degrees inside and there was only cold air coming out of the vents.¬†While I wait for Nest to send out a new thermostat, I’m stuck using emergency heat. I’m thankful for heat, but more thankful that it’s finally warm enough that¬†I don’t have to use it too often. If that were it, I’d have had a fun weekend, but I also got to deal with an overflowing toilet at 7AM and an incredibly slow kitchen sink which is great when the dishwasher and disposal are both not working.

On the schedule for this week:

  • Apply the top coat to the cabinet bases in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Get my office set up.
  • Getting the cats toilet training started.
  • Getting the remaining doors installed.
  • And getting the heat fixed.

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Condo Project – Moving Day

It’s official! I’ve now moved into the condo!

Saturday was¬†only a tentative moving day, but I was getting so stir crazy, I decided it was going to be actual moving day. There’s still plenty to finish up, but that will just have to get done while I’m there.

Around 10AM I finished my coffee and cereal bar (the only thing I managed to eat that day…), and got started packing.

I didn’t get any special truck or anything. We moved everything in my car, my mom’s SUV, and a tiny work van. Thankfully, I only moved a few miles away. If I hadn’t a big truck would have been better.

By mid afternoon, my room looked like this. The sofa was going to the dump, so all that was really left was a bookcase, my bed, and the necessities left in my bathroom.


The¬†final trip was the worst.¬†By that point, everything was out of my room except for the TV, computer monitor, and cats (who don’t like cars…). Twenty minutes of cat wrangling and narrowly missing a plethora of¬†opportunities to be scratched, we had all 3 cats in crates, and the last of everything packed up. I took the TV¬†and monitor¬†so I didn’t have room for the cats in my car, but I can only imagine how noisy that short 10-minute car ride was based on how loud they were just walking out of the house to the car. It didn’t take long for Skyler to claim the best spot in the house – the top of the¬†cat tower which has a view outside plus views of the kitchen, dining room, living room, front door, and hallway.

IMG_3672At around 6PM, I sent everyone that helped move home. I was exhausted and ready to sleep. Sadly I was left with this, so sleep was not in my future.IMG_3669

The real problem, though, was that my bed looked like this!IMG_3670

I took it apart before moving it, hoping it would get less damaged in the move after seeing how badly it held up to being moved when the floors were installed in my old room. (To anyone who’s considering the Brimnes bed from IKEA, don’t. It gets damaged way to easily.) The bed frame faired pretty well, but the one piece I didn’t take apart, the headboard, got banged up even more.

An hour later, I had a bed.


And before I eventually retired to that bed, my living room looked like this. Not bad for moving in that day.


The cats are still adjusting to the new place. Skyler seems to be handling it better than the other two. Chase is still incredibly scared and spends most of the day meowing loudly or under blankets hiding. Hopefully they calm down soon.

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Condo Project – Week 6

The countdown is on, and my brain is in a constant state of “Are we moved yet?!”

Nearly everything but the necessities has been packed up since August which has been frustrating.¬†Now that the seasons have changed from Summer to practically Winter, I’ve been struggling to not unpack everything before I move. My cats have also loved the mountains of boxes resulting in most of them starting to collapse in too. Some of them were so bad, I actually had to repack their contents in new boxes.

Little by little, I’ve been moving things over to the condo, but Saturday was probably the first real big move day. My goal was to get as much moved as we could, and¬†we managed to fill up my car, an SUV, and a small work van. My hallway in my current bedroom was completely full of boxes for a large portion of Saturday morning and afternoon.


By 6PM, we had assembled the “temporary” dining room table on loan to me until my farm table is built. The table was the same one I had when I was growing up, but it’s funny how tiny it looks in this room. I always dismissed the comments of how my dining room is bigger than my mom’s, but I think she may be right. With the leaf in the table (as it is in the picture below) this table barely fit in her living room.

The next big project was tackling the cabinets. After cleaning layers of grease and gunk off of the fronts and insides of the cabinets and drawers,¬†the first of two coats of paint went up on the cabinet fronts in the kitchen and¬†bathroom vanities. The kitchen already looks much brighter. The jury’s still out on what I decide to do with the counter tops. For now I’m not absolutely hating the color against the white, and lets face it, nothing matches in there anyway (black dishwasher and microwave, white fridge, almond stove) so what’s a cream colored counter added in until I can get the kitchen completely redone.IMG_3645

After everyone had left, I started putting things away. I managed to unpack a couple of boxes in the Master Bedroom and Linen closet, and also took a first stab at putting the Guest Bedroom (my soon to be Office/Gym) closet together. The guest bedroom¬†has been serving as a catch all for all the boxes that we’ve been moving, but¬†since a treadmill is coming into this room, I needed as much room cleared as possible.IMG_3646
Not pictured:

  • The remaining 2 closet doors¬†were cleaned and got their first couple coats of spray paint. These two doors were louvered for the utility and laundry closets so painting them with a brush was going to be a massive ordeal.

That’s week 6. Not very eventful in terms of the condo because I needed a break so that I could focus on other things like school, work, and birthdays.

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Condo Project – Week 5

And I’m back. I don’t have many updates of the condo because, honestly, the big projects are¬†wrapping up and moving to the garage at my mom’s home.

Now for the few pictures I do have:

The rest of the bathroom hardware and the shower curtain went up in the guest bathroom. That’s 1 room done.

Fun things started going up in the master bath including my favorite spice racks from IKEA for getting things off the counter as well as my make up mirror.
IMG_3604 IMG_3605

These hooks have been wonderful for hanging up my clothes each day when I change into my “condo” clothes instead of dropping them on the dusty floor. One day soon they’ll be for towels.


The chandelier has begun it’s transformation from brass to mint.IMG_3609

One of my favorite decisions was to work my grandmother’s pink leather chair into my living room. The chair is incredibly comfortable, but its color has caused it to get passed around from¬†relative to relative over the years. Thankfully it doesn’t look quite so pink but rather beige in my living room. I’m hoping it’s finally found it’s¬†permanent home next to the fireplace.

Not pictured:

  • In addition to the¬†leather recliner, the sofa, coffee table, ¬†and several cars full of boxes have made their way out of the garage and over to the condo. Hooray for finally having a place to sit, and not having rooms quite so full of boxes.
  • The fireplace got its first bit of cleaning.
  • The temporary blind in the guest bedroom has been replaced with the permanent one.
  • The remaining doors have been brought home to be painted.
  • My balcony is now free of all appliances.
  • A new showerhead was installed in the master bath replacing the old plastic white handheld one.
  • Many trips to Home Depot and back, the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit is finally tinted and I picked up some chalk paint for the dresser project.
  • And lastly, work on the dresser has begun. Sadly we found the top wasn’t solid pine but veneer, so sanding it didn’t go as planned. Onto plan B.

The big news however is that I have a soft deadline of November 22nd as move in day! I have to say though,¬†now that I have a Keurig, sofa, and internet, it’s getting harder and harder to leave each day.

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