Condo Project – Week 5

And I’m back. I don’t have many updates of the condo because, honestly, the big projects are wrapping up and moving to the garage at my mom’s home.

Now for the few pictures I do have:

The rest of the bathroom hardware and the shower curtain went up in the guest bathroom. That’s 1 room done.

Fun things started going up in the master bath including my favorite spice racks from IKEA for getting things off the counter as well as my make up mirror.
IMG_3604 IMG_3605

These hooks have been wonderful for hanging up my clothes each day when I change into my “condo” clothes instead of dropping them on the dusty floor. One day soon they’ll be for towels.


The chandelier has begun it’s transformation from brass to mint.IMG_3609

One of my favorite decisions was to work my grandmother’s pink leather chair into my living room. The chair is incredibly comfortable, but its color has caused it to get passed around from relative to relative over the years. Thankfully it doesn’t look quite so pink but rather beige in my living room. I’m hoping it’s finally found it’s permanent home next to the fireplace.

Not pictured:

  • In addition to the leather recliner, the sofa, coffee table,  and several cars full of boxes have made their way out of the garage and over to the condo. Hooray for finally having a place to sit, and not having rooms quite so full of boxes.
  • The fireplace got its first bit of cleaning.
  • The temporary blind in the guest bedroom has been replaced with the permanent one.
  • The remaining doors have been brought home to be painted.
  • My balcony is now free of all appliances.
  • A new showerhead was installed in the master bath replacing the old plastic white handheld one.
  • Many trips to Home Depot and back, the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit is finally tinted and I picked up some chalk paint for the dresser project.
  • And lastly, work on the dresser has begun. Sadly we found the top wasn’t solid pine but veneer, so sanding it didn’t go as planned. Onto plan B.

The big news however is that I have a soft deadline of November 22nd as move in day! I have to say though, now that I have a Keurig, sofa, and internet, it’s getting harder and harder to leave each day.

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