Condo Project – New Floors

I was planning to include the pictures of the floors in my Week 3 post, but I just can’t wait any longer. The suspense is just killing me.

I bought this condo knowing it was a huge project, and I will admit, there was a huge part of me that doubted I could even do it. While I was getting everything started with the purchasing process, I avoided showing anyone the place. I mean I buy overly priced Apple products because they look nice, and then I turned around and bought this condo which was the furthest thing from being simple and well designed. I had a vision – a vision that scared me to no end because I felt it was completely unrealistic. I kept asking people, “I’m not crazy for doing this, right?” I was scared that too many episodes of Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, and other HGTV shows convinced me I could do something I really couldn’t.

Every place I looked at had carpet that I planned to replace, so the pink carpet didn’t really deter me that much. I really didn’t care what I put down as long as it looked like wood and wasn’t carpet. I started looking at wood-look sheet vinyl, but I couldn’t find any samples that weren’t so obviously vinyl. In the end connections paid off, and I happened to find enough of a discontinued laminate at the right price. Truthfully I wasn’t sold though. For the price, I couldn’t beat it, so I went for it because the pink carpet had to go. The color and pattern on the sample weren’t something I absolutely loved though.

And then the sample arrived, and I started warming up to them.IMG_3420

On the day the floors went in, I had this crazy moment of “Wow! This is really happening. I own this place!” I still can’t get over it, and the floors are absolutely perfect. The difference floors make is so incredible.

IMG_3431I’m thrilled that they could be run straight down the unit lengthwise. It makes views like this fantastic.
IMG_3433 IMG_3434 IMG_3439 IMG_3442 And just for comparison, I’ve included a before and after pic. IMG_3443

As I mentioned earlier in the post, I’ve doubted myself throughout this project. The timeline seems like it keeps getting longer and longer, and it feels as though I might never move in, but seeing this transformation is so gratifying.

The rest of Week 3’s updates are coming soon.

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