Condo Project – Moving Day

It’s official! I’ve now moved into the condo!

Saturday was only a tentative moving day, but I was getting so stir crazy, I decided it was going to be actual moving day. There’s still plenty to finish up, but that will just have to get done while I’m there.

Around 10AM I finished my coffee and cereal bar (the only thing I managed to eat that day…), and got started packing.

I didn’t get any special truck or anything. We moved everything in my car, my mom’s SUV, and a tiny work van. Thankfully, I only moved a few miles away. If I hadn’t a big truck would have been better.

By mid afternoon, my room looked like this. The sofa was going to the dump, so all that was really left was a bookcase, my bed, and the necessities left in my bathroom.


The final trip was the worst. By that point, everything was out of my room except for the TV, computer monitor, and cats (who don’t like cars…). Twenty minutes of cat wrangling and narrowly missing a plethora of opportunities to be scratched, we had all 3 cats in crates, and the last of everything packed up. I took the TV and monitor so I didn’t have room for the cats in my car, but I can only imagine how noisy that short 10-minute car ride was based on how loud they were just walking out of the house to the car. It didn’t take long for Skyler to claim the best spot in the house – the top of the cat tower which has a view outside plus views of the kitchen, dining room, living room, front door, and hallway.

IMG_3672At around 6PM, I sent everyone that helped move home. I was exhausted and ready to sleep. Sadly I was left with this, so sleep was not in my future.IMG_3669

The real problem, though, was that my bed looked like this!IMG_3670

I took it apart before moving it, hoping it would get less damaged in the move after seeing how badly it held up to being moved when the floors were installed in my old room. (To anyone who’s considering the Brimnes bed from IKEA, don’t. It gets damaged way to easily.) The bed frame faired pretty well, but the one piece I didn’t take apart, the headboard, got banged up even more.

An hour later, I had a bed.


And before I eventually retired to that bed, my living room looked like this. Not bad for moving in that day.


The cats are still adjusting to the new place. Skyler seems to be handling it better than the other two. Chase is still incredibly scared and spends most of the day meowing loudly or under blankets hiding. Hopefully they calm down soon.

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