Brainstorming: Bullet Journal + Life Mapping

Hi everyone!

This is going to be a really quick post because I just had to share this with you all before I forgot it. I’m a sucker for anything planner, or stationary related. Today as I was reading through a mix of reviews of Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal system followed by DIYfish’s Life Mapping Planner post, I had an idea.

You can use just about any journal with the Bullet Journal system, but I can bet most people are using a grid notebook. What else uses grids? The Life Mapping system…

Why not merge the two by using DIYfish’s index system with the Bullet Journal to have the Bullet Journal’s super simple system with an easy way to find everything using the Life Mapping index. Using both gives you the option to rely on the Bullet Journal’s index with page numbers OR flipping through to quickly find things via the Life Mapping index. More is better right?  It’s also a fun and useful way to add some color to your Bullet Journal.

I’m really drawn to both these systems, and despite moving away from paper, they’re calling to me now that I’ve come up with this idea.

Do you use the Bullet Journal or Life Planning systems? {Or maybe both?} Let me know. I’d love to know how it works for you.

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P.S. One critique of the Bullet Journal is that it doesn’t handle forward planning. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting mine one up from the beginning with monthly spreads at the front and using the rest of the pages afterwards for the daily notes which will allow me to have pages to track future events and tasks.