What’s Wrong with Erin?

I bought an Erin Condren Life Planner for the second time this year, and let me say I adore it. It screams everything Andrea. I mean it even matches my room! There’s just that something about it that I’m not liking, and for the longest time, I really had no idea what it was. I think now I’m finally starting to put things together and figure it out, and it really has NOTHING to do with the planner.

So what’s wrong with it if it’s not the planner?

Years ago when I was browsing Flickr, I stumbled on some Moleskines which led me to Filofaxes which led me to Philofaxy, and then I found all the people in the community. I fell in love with the blogs, the videos, the pictures, everything. Now I’m always reading up on the latest Filofax gossip. It’s fun to see how the community’s grown and evolved over time. With every new person, we get new ideas and things like washi tape or Martha Stewart dew drops go viral and then you see them in everyone’s planners.

That’s when I started to realize something in the back of my crazy mind has always been screaming Filofax even when I’ve had a different planner, and I think that thing has been the community.

Erin Condren’s Life Planner definitely has a following online. I’d say to some extent it has a bit of a cult status in the blogging world, but what it doesn’t have is a community of people that are constantly sharing updates and stories about them like Filofax does. That’s what brings me back to Filofax every single time. And, hey, maybe that’s weird to some people, but we’re all weird in our own ways. My way happens to be planners and stationary. Whether I use what I buy or not, I like having it. I like reading about it. I like looking at it.

So while I tried to jump into my Erin Condren planner whole heartedly, I had this nagging thought always screaming “But what about Filofax?!” Maybe I should have watched a ton of Life Planner videos instead of Filofax ones, who knows, but as usual Filofax won me over. And of course, as we all know, how can you resist buying a new Filofax?!

I certainly couldn’t, and so my next post will be about my latest addition to the family.Signature