My {Filofax} Week – January Catch Up

Paper Lovestory's My Week

I’m happy to finally be joining in on PaperLovestory’s “My Week” posts. I’m a bit late to the game on this one so I figured I should catch up. Better late than never, right? (Be prepared for another picture heavy post.)

Admittedly, I already had a slight planner fail this year. I bought a set of lined WO2P as my overview for the week. I thought it would work out great. I liked that the lines kept everything neat, but since I only use the weekly view for appointments/meetings (I use daily pages for to dos), I was starting to feel like WO2P was overkill. Then the semester started, and I realized I forgot about one thing. My graduate courses are organized so that all the assignments are due at the end of the week, and the WO2P doesn’t give me the space to write down the list of assignments. That’s when I remembered why I really loved using the week on a page + notes layout. So with that, I finally decided to scrap the WO2P and ordered a set of Week per page plus notes, and transferred everything over. So without further ado, here’s Weeks 1-5. (I didn’t start using the Notes pages until this past week so I didn’t include them until Week 5.)

Filofax Week 1As you can see, the lovely Masking-It sticky tabs I have had forever have finally been put into use. I’m trying to make the pages look a bit more fun each week. It was a fairly boring first week. I also caught a nasty bug that was going around so I didn’t do too much.
Filofax Week 2

On January 3rd, our offices were getting recarpeted so we had to temporarily move all operations upstairs. The office we were using were incredibly cold and closed off from the rest of the world, so I was excited to move back downstairs on the 9th.

Filofax Week 3While this week looks fairly busy, I was actually on vacation. It ended up being pretty hectic to plan because the other full-time employee ended up unexpectedly also being out of the office for most of the week. Thankfully, the students in the office kept everything running smoothly.
Filofax Week 4My work tends to schedule meetings every two weeks so that they all fall on the same weeks. This was one of those weeks. I also had to venture downtown for my first time ever leading training seminar. Being quite shy, I was not looking forward to making a presentation. It went better than I had expected, but I still wouldn’t say that I enjoyed it.
Filofax Week 5Lots of snow in the area this past week. We ended up having a 2-hour delay on Monday which also happened to be the first day of the Spring semester (usually a very busy day for the university, but I think the snow kept some people home.) Tuesday was the crazy day at work. Phones were ringing off the hook. I didn’t even get a chance to take lunch. We got tons of rain (and flooding) on Wednesday. {There was actually a swift water rescue at the river at the bottom of my street. Talk about crazy!} Thursday was round 2 of training downtown. This time went a bit smoother, but public speaking is still definitely not my thing. The most exciting part of the week has yet to come… *drumroll* my home team, the Ravens, are playing in the Super Bowl!!!!
Filofax Week 5 (cont)

Last but not least, I actually had something to write on the notes page this week because my class started. It was a pretty standard first week – Read the syllabus, get familiar with the class procedures, and introduce yourself. The only thing freaking me out so far is that I have to work with a real world client this semester, but hopefully all goes well and I’m a bit more motivated this semester than I was last.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my weeks. I know I enjoy sneaking a peek at everyone else’s weeks. Check back next week for Week 6.


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