My {Filofax} Week 6

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Happy Chinese New Year! {and boy am I glad to have to pretend to have a new start}. It’s that time of the week again where I show off my week to whoever happens to be reading this blog. I love looking at everyone’s weeks, and this is actually keeping me pretty accountable too. So without further ado…

Here’s my week:

Filofax Week 6

Filofax Week 6 (2)

And for a quick recap of what happened {in case you aren’t at all interested in reading about my life}:

  • My dog was really sick.
  • I was really sick.
  • I had a productive meeting with my boss.
  • I finished a book.
  • I got all my graduate work done early!
  • I started actually working out.
  • I broke up with my boyfriend.

And for the longer version {for those of you who like to read or are just nosy :)}:

  • Before the Superbowl on Sunday, one of my dogs, Zoey, got sick. She actually had a seizure and fell down the stairs to our deck on her way outside it freaked her out so much. {I guess it’s a blessing in disguise that I have two other animals who also have seizures when they get sick, so I wasn’t as freaked out as she was.} She spent two days being transported between our vet and the local emergency animal hospital. They determined her seizure somehow likely brought on a cause of pneumonia and she had some other weird things wrong with her. She came home on Tuesday much to her best friend {my other dog}, Remington’s delight. The cats on the other hand were about freaked out by her coughing which sounded more like a goose honking. I’m happy to report she’s doing much better now.
  • I ended up missing work on Monday and Tuesday for three reasons:  {No, I was not attending the Raven’s parade even though apparently everyone else in this area did.} I was not feeling well at all and barely made it out of my bed for much of those days. Remington was incredibly worried about Zoey, as was I, and for reasons unknown to me, my car’s key fobs both decided to report battery issues at the same time which isn’t good when you have a car with an intelligent key and push button start. In some weird conspiracy, they have fixed each other. {Not very intelligent if you ask me.}
  • On Wednesday I ventured back to work and had a meeting with my boss which went quite well if you ask me. We have bi-weekly catch-up meetings, but honestly, they tend to be brief. This one wasn’t and we seemed to get a lot accomplished including an idea for what I can do for my graduate class’s project for this semester. I was supposed to also have lunch with my friend on Wednesday, but she had to rescheduled because she was closing on her first house. {So excited for her!}
  • Thursday, I finished the book I had been reading. It really summarized my introverted life and made me feel a little less odd for not being so outgoing all the time.
  • Friday not much happened. I did get my new Beach Babe DVD in the mail. But it was the start to Saturday’s drama. (Backstory: {Begin Rant} My boyfriend was planning on moving to a new place in a couple of weeks. It was close to his job and cheaper, so he sold his car and everything. Fast forward to the Superbowl, his best friend and I made some pretty stupid decisions that his future roommates didn’t like and it ended up costing him that place to live. I tried apologizing and even put together some thoughtful gifts for the two roommates, but they wouldn’t even accept them. {Kinda frustrated me, but oh well.})
  • On to Saturday,  I woke up and worked out with the Beach Babe DVD. It kicked my butt. Then I proceeded to work my way through the almost 200 videos I’d been meaning to watch on Youtube. I hadn’t heard from my boyfriend, so I knew something was wrong. He felt like he had to make a decision: me who his friends now hate or a place to live. I knew what he was going to pick. He needed a place to live, but I needed someone to care about me as well so after 8 years of dating off an on, I decided it was time to go before he broke up with me AGAIN. So I drove to his house and got my stuff while he was at work. Surprisingly, I’m not even upset {Right now at least}. I think it was for the best. I just have to keep reminding myself I deserve better. {End of Rant}
  • Sunday was not too much different from Saturday. The cats woke me up at 5 am so I caught up on some more Youtube. Got a work out in, and then got to work with the usual Sunday laundry. Just trying to stay busy and stay positive.

So that’s my hectic week. Hopefully next week won’t be so crazy. So far I only have one meeting scheduled, but I haven’t looked at my assignments for graduate school yet so who knows.

As an added treat, I threw in a day from my day-per-page diary which I use as a to-do list. I started experimenting with using ever other line, and I like it a lot better. I also love the mix of colors on this page. {Full tour of the lovely Osterley coming soon.}

Filofax Day Per Page

How did your week go?


6 thoughts on “My {Filofax} Week 6

  1. Liz says:

    Is the book you read “Quiet”? I can’t tell from the photo but if so, that was a great book for me as well, it really gave me an insight into myself and why i am the way I am. Now i know i’m not alone in the world in my feelings about socializing and such! Hope your week gets better! 🙂

    • andreamocko says:

      It was Quiet. I had seen her Ted Talk which was basically a summary of the book, but I didn’t know that until I finished the book. Either way, I’m glad I read it, and I don’t feel quite so “weird” for being so introverted anymore. Hope your week goes well too. Thank you!

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