{Filofax Friday} What’s on my Wishlist

Let’s be honest here. I really don’t need any more Filofaxes. I don’t like having things if I don’t have a place to put them, and I really don’t have the room for more. Some people in the Filofax community seem to have a new binder every other week, and it makes me cringe a bit. No offense to you if you are like that. We all have our things we indulge in. Mine just happens to be makeup products and tech gadgets not Filofaxes.

So what’s actually on my wish list?

I mentioned in my Malden post, that I’m on the look out for two in particular:

  • An ochre personal Malden
  • A vintage pink personal Malden

But there are a few others I wouldn’t mind having either:

  • The new aqua personal Malden
  • A personal Holborn in Wine
  • A black or almond personal Amazona
  • An ebony or ivory personal Deco
  • and of course a teal or vintage rose Finchley

Just browsing Pens and Leather and seeing the placeholders for new lines as I was writing this post was pretty exciting. I do hope there’s something in new line that I like. Of course as much as I’d like to have any of the binders above, do I really need them? No. My Osterley is just the way I like it, and I did commit to one planner in 2013 {or at least not buying any new ones}. In a world where money {and space for that matter} was no object, I’d love to have them all, but I have to keep my priorities in line, and another Filofax isn’t one of them right now.


2 thoughts on “{Filofax Friday} What’s on my Wishlist

    • Andrea says:

      Thank you for the offer. I wish I had the money right now. I mean I do, but I’m really trying to put my spending money towards all my room renovations right now. I’d take it in a heartbeat if I weren’t trying to focus on the cost of completely new furniture.

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