I Went on Vacation!

So apparently I’m awful at updating this blog. Sorry everyone. In an effort to change that, this blog has a new look and a new name! It kind of just came to me, so go figure. All that time I spent trying to come up with one, and couldn’t, this one just comes to me out of the blue.

So what’s going on in the “Little Life of Andrea”? Well my to-do list app, Things, is telling me I’m behind on at least 10 blog posts. The app where I save blog posts that I want to read later, Pocket, is currently saying I have 368 things to read. On Monday, I actually had to make a second “Watch Later” playlist on YouTube because the default one has the max 200 videos in it. I had to return 2 library books because there was no way I could finish them AND the other two I’m already reading before they were due back. My DVR is currently more than 50% full, and I have 2 movies from Netflix sitting at home as well. Oh and my room is a mess. I can’t even shut the drawers in my bathroom vanity or my closet because things are piled on top of them. {It’s that bad!} I wish I could say my days have been jam-packed and that’s why everything’s piling up {literally} around me, but I honestly have no idea where the time’s been going.

Last week, however, I do have somewhat of an excuse. I went on vacation! Even though it was rainy and cold most of the time, I had a lot of fun doing things I’ve never done before, some of which I probably wouldn’t do again, but live and learn I guess. Anyway, here’s a bit of a recap. It all kind of blends together so bear with me.

Sunday evening:


We actually got to the beach at around 7:30 Sunday evening. The weather wasn’t so great so after we got our stuff into the condo, rooms picked out, and everything situated, we ordered some pizza, and headed up to the roof deck to relax.

Monday: Kayaking, Scooters, and Mosquitos


Now I don’t think we went out after hanging out on the roof for the fact that I was up the next morning bright and early. Early enough to organize all my stuff in my room/bathroom, make the bed, and read a bit. {This was the only day this happened.} Once everyone was awake and ready, our first stop was breakfast at Fractured Prune. If anyone lives on the East Coast, or is visiting close to the Maryland area, I highly recommend stopping in for a donut or 12 like we did. Seriously, best donuts hands down.

We rented scooters {a first for me} and took a nice drive to Assateague Island to go kayaking. I’d never been kayaking before so I was a bit nervous. I had been canoeing though, so I figured, “How much different could it be?” {Not too different.} My only fear was flipping, which my lovely partner happened to make happen in about 3 feet of cold water. Thankfully, my camera, my friend begged me to bring, was not in the boat. Everything else was soaked though.


After kayaking, we decided to check out a trail that used to be Baltimore Blvd. Apparently in 1950, the road was built, but only 12 years later in ’62, a hurricane wiped it out. There’s not much left of it. Sadly, I didn’t get to take many pictures because right after this, I got attacked by a swarm of mosquitos. I literally had a cloud of them around me, and took off running back to our scooters. [Note to self: Bug spray washes off when you flip in a kayak!]

Now here’s where it gets a bit foggy. I had thought that after Assateague, we returned the scooters, went back to the condo, and then ventured back out to play mini golf. The date stamps on my camera however tell me that our first game of mini golf wasn’t until Tuesday. I honestly wish I could tell you what happened during that stretch between Assateague and then, but I don’t remember. I believe we went to the boardwalk and everyone miserably failed at a bar crawl. I had a new hoodie on in pictures the next day so we had to have gone out.

Tuesday: Mini Golf and Boardwalk?


Now according to my camera, we played our first game of mini-golf on Tuesday. {I’m kind of enjoying piecing this puzzle together.} That means that before this happened we went to the outlets to look for flip-flops. I also had my first Whopper from Burger King. {Don’t ask… I don’t know why it took me nearly 23 years to have one.} After mini-golf and Burger King, we returned to the condo. It looked like it was going to rain again, but we are hard core and decided to go out on the beach with a tent and play corn-hole. It was FREEZING so I commend the guys that were next to us playing volleyball and actually getting in the water. Once it started pouring, we went inside. We had ordered crabs for dinner so I was thrilled.

After dinner, we did take 2 of a bar crawl. I think we did a better job this time. The guys said so. I don’t know how much I agreed.

Wednesday: Pancakes and More Mini Golf

Wednesday was honestly terrible for me. I woke up feeling awful and exhausted. I ordered 3 blueberry pancakes and could barely eat a few bites of them. By mid-afternoon, I was feeling slightly better, at least enough to play mini-golf again. {I don’t think I lost this time.} I think we went to the beach a bit too {at least long enough to get Scopes} and we walked on the Boardwalk for a bit. We did ride the ferris wheel and they had fireworks while we were on it which made the price sort of worth it. This was pretty much the end of the day for me. The guys went back out, but the girls stayed in which was fine with me because I was practically dead.

Thursday: Our “Last” Day


This was our big day. It was the only day the weather was supposed to be nice, so we had a lot planned. We ventured back to Assateague. It was a nerve-wracking drive for me because I had to drive a car much larger than what I was used to, but I did alright, and had a bit of fun while I was at it. While the others went kayaking, we stayed on the beach. {That way there was no flipping.} We stayed there nearly all day playing corn hole, flying kites {another first}, and playing with a frisbee. We even jumped in the water and realized it wasn’t that cold once you got in. We left Assateague after getting tossed around in the waves a bit, and made it to one of my favorite parts of the vacation – the Dew Tour. Seriously, I don’t know what it is with “action” sports. I just like them, and this was about as close to being at the X-games as I’ll probably ever get.  The day was a success as far as I was concerned, but my friends weren’t nearly as excited as I was for the Dew Tour. Oh well. Oh, and I also managed to get absolutely sunburnt despite applying layers of sunscreen. {I’m talking blisters.}


Friday was our day to leave. We were packed and out the door at 8am. I drove my friend’s Dodge Challenger nearly 150 miles, and by the time we got to his house, I guess I was used to it. My Nissan Altima felt so tiny compared to the Challenger . The one thing that came out of the day though was my decision for my next car. The decision was between an Infiniti G37 {fun and sporty} or a hybrid Lincoln MKZ {practical}. After driving a somewhat “sporty” car, I realized that I enjoy having a fun car to drive a lot more than a practical one, so the decision right now is to wait a couple years and get the new Infiniti Q60 when it’s released. Getting home, I was greeted by two very excited dogs, one who insisted on carrying a 5lb. dumbbell around and then peeing on the floor, and 3 very happy kitties who didn’t stop meowing for nearly the entire day. I also got to look at my new Erin Condren Planner and the new copy of the Beach Babe DVD from Tone It Up. The rest of the day was spent lathering myself in spray aloe and snacking on trail mix and my latest obsession popped chips.

So that was last week. I look forward to actually updating this blog more often from now on. {Or at least I’ll try…}.


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