My {Filofax} Week 33

Paper Lovestory's My Week

And I’m back… for now. I tend to blog in spurts if you haven’t noticed. {I’m working on becoming more consistent with my posts!} Anyway, it’s nice to be back, and according to my posts, the last time, I did an official “My Week” post was way back in May for Week 19! Holy cow! Well summer’s winding down, and in my life that means things are picking up.

Here’s my week:


So what’s happened? Based on the looks of my pages, it looks like I didn’t do anything, but I was actually so busy I didn’t have time to write anything.

Monday, I was out sick. Sadly, sick for me means doesn’t mean resting. It means cleaning the whole house. I suppose I feel so guilty for staying at home, I have to do something, and it usually results in cleaning. On this particular day, cleaning went along with singing Christmas songs which still perplexes me. Maybe I was a bit out of it.

On Tuesday, I met with my boss and a coworker to finalize our presentation of numbers relating to the last fiscal year. To summarize our 30 some slides, usage of our online support knowledge base, which I now manage, has more than doubled in the past year, and online support requests and phone requests have both decreased, which we’d like to believe is due to users using our knowledge base rather than picking up the phone or emailing us. The big one for my office is that the number of tickets our student staff resolve has gone from an average of 2% to nearly 56%.

Wednesday, we presented the presentation we made for the first time to our own group, and I also barely made it to a meeting to discuss the possibilities of online tutoring. I almost never have meetings after my lunch break which is at 2pm, but on this day, I had one at 3:30pm with the CIO of our department. At 3:30, I got a notification reminding me of the meeting, so I raced half way across campus in around 3 minutes, in 5″ heels. I was out of breath to say the least.

We presented our presentation for the final time on Thursday. This time it was to the managers and assistant VPs. Now, I regularly attend these meetings as I’m unofficially a manager, but every time, I feel so out of place. Not only am I the youngest in the room, but everyone else in my area that attends sits in the back of the room while I sit at the table. Part of me wonders if they know something I don’t, like maybe we aren’t supposed to sit there, but then I think about Sheryl Sandberg’s book and one of the only things that resonated with me  was when she discussed how women should feel comfortable sitting at the table. So as the youngest in the room, and one of the few women, I’m going to keep my seat at the table until someone tells me not to.

On Friday, I got to leave work early for a doctor’s appointment. It was a lovely day so that was nice, but I also had a tree removal company at my house that day, so I couldn’t exactly go back home right away. Instead, I treated myself to Starbucks and some pita crackers, which I ate while reading at our local plane observation area. I live near an airport, and we have an area where you can park and watch planes take off or land. It also has a play ground and some bike trails, so it’s usually pretty busy, but every once in a while, I like to go there and just chill.

Saturday was oh so fun. I got to spend it cleaning and grocery shopping. The joys of being an adult. To be fair, I didn’t do much cleaning. I hula hooped half the day away while drinking coffee. I did put away some of the nail polish I’ve left sitting out all over the dining room though.

And then there’s Sunday… Do you ever have one of those days where you’re just insanely productive. This was one of them. By 9am, breakfast was made (my first successful cheese omelet… and toast). Three loads of laundry were done and put away by 2pm. Trash and recycle was taken out. Carpets were steam cleaned and vacuumed. Makeup brushes were cleaned. Dinner was cooked and piña coladas were enjoyed. I even picked out outfits for the whole week before going to bed! It was lovely.

How was your week?



2 thoughts on “My {Filofax} Week 33

  1. tina says:

    Wow! Outfits done a week ahead?!!!… And here I was, just happy to get two birthday cards out and ON TIME this week!! (0; Looks like you’re doing pretty well, and I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better!

    • Andrea @ says:

      Thanks! Planning outfits isn’t usually something I do. I know I should, but it never ends up happening. I think the issue was I never wanted to do it every night. Doing all of them at once as I was putting away my clothes though was doable. Plus it’s nice to be able to just pull out a hanger or two with all my clothes and accessories for the day on it. Super easy. Birthday cards though, that’s another story. I can’t even remember to send a text message half the time.

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