Random Wednesday Post

Happy Hump Day!

Did you know that, 96 years ago, on this very day, Congress approved daylight-savings time? It was also the day the Academy Awards was first televised back in 1953. Okay, enough with fun facts… {I could go on with them all day… it’s kinda my thing…}

Today is my first day back to work since Thursday. I wish I could say I had a wonderful Spring Break {all two days of it, Monday-Tuesday…} but instead, I was stuck in bed with what I believe to have been food poisoning. To put things in context, from 5PM Thursday evening to 5AM Friday morning, I’d lost a whopping 4 pounds. I hate doctors, but after 12 hours of barely being able to move, I was pretty close to going to the hospital. In any event, I’m nearly recovered, and since feeling well enough on Saturday, I’ve been eating whatever I can to get calories back in me. {That may or may not have involved more than a few Frappuccinos…}

Sickness aside, I’m feeling 90% back to normal, and today I was pleasantly surprised to see that my online class is actually observing Spring Break {even if my office isn’t…} and I have no assignments due, so this week is a week to catch up, and get my life back on track.

I do have a fun nerdy tip though that I’ve been enjoying quite a lot. As I’ve mentioned before, each night, I like to make note of 3 things I’m grateful for in the iOS app Memento. I had the app set up to send me a reminder at 10:30 every night. However, I still had to open Drafts to use my TextExpander snippet which auto fills an “I’m grateful for…” template I made, send that to Memento and save. Too many steps… and then I found Launch Center Pro could use Text Expander snippets as well. Now, each night at 10:30, Launch Center Pro prompts me to “Launch Memento” with a notification. All I have to do is click the notification which takes me to Memento with the “I’m grateful for…” template already filled in. All I have to do is type 3 things and save. So much simpler.

More interesting posts to come soon, I promise.

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