General Life Update

Apparently I haven’t updated this blog since March. Whoops. My life has been a whirlwind of fun and chaos for the past few months.

Work on the condo has pretty much ground to a halt, and I walk through the place and see nothing but unfinished projects which is a bit depressing at this point. My kitchen and master bathroom are still sorely lacking cabinets. Artwork is sitting in various rooms waiting to be hung, and my guest bedroom has become the “stuff I don’t need” room. It’s gotten to the point I rarely open the door just to spare myself the sight of the mess residing inside. BUT… I did manage to replace my HVAC system, so at the very least, my Nest thermostat is back up on the wall, and I will have heat this winter. It’s also one very costly thing crossed off the list of major projects to tackle.

So what’s been taking up my time (aside from a small bit of laziness)? Graduate school has been kicking my butt for the past two months. Every semester I consider taking two courses, only to end up taking a course with a new professor who’s not privy to the typical workload. This semester is no exception, and ominous deadlines for massive group projects are looming over me for the foreseeable future.

I can really only blame class for the last two months though, because I have a more fun excuse – a pretty awesome guy that’s turned the last 5 months of my life into quite the adventure. I was pretty content with my independence, so I’m still shocked each day that he managed to get me to agree to a relationship, more surprised I haven’t run away yet. Then again, the many beach trips, concerts, and other fun things have left me feeling pretty darn spoiled. Plus, after years of rocky relationships plagued by constant fighting, I’m enjoying the fact that we haven’t managed to annoy one another yet despite spending pretty much every day together.

My main goal in writing this post wasn’t to update any readers I still have about my life though. This past week has made me realize I’m approaching my breaking point. As much as I love the spontaneity in my life right now, I’m desperately craving some sort of routine to get my life back in order. The rushing home from work to quickly change clothes before heading out again, the frantic 5 minute cleaning sessions during rare moments of free time, and the lack of sleep has gotten old, not to mention it’s downright unhealthy.

Of course, my first step in getting back on track is revamping Omnifocus. When it comes to life outside of school and work, I’ve pared down my list of fussy projects, instead opting to break repeating tasks down by frequency (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) I still have a general personal tasks list for one off tasks, and some things still projects (like reorganizing my closet). I don’t think that’s going to change, but I’m finding that I like being able to see tasks broken down by how often they occur much more than how they were laid out before.

I’ve also modified my custom perspectives a bit – eliminating the @Work and @Home all together. Instead, I have one single Today context which shows any Flagged or Due, Available tasks grouped by Project and sorted by Context. Each morning, I go into my Available perspective and flag anything I intend to do, so by the time I get to my Today perspective, I have a nice list of routine tasks broken down by frequency (much like a daily or weekly routine checklist) with anything that’s due or part of a particular project listed as well. My last part of the puzzle is trying to schedule reminders for myself using the Reminders app in iOS just as an added push to get things done.

Here’s to getting back on track, but for now I’m off to the grocery store before heading off to the boyfriend’s house. *Sigh* Old habits are hard to break.





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