{Sunday Social} Week #2

Sunday Social

It’s Sunday Social Time again and this week’s post is all about school. Get ready for a lot of pictures! {And I apologize in advanced, should any of you girls find I posted these pictures… I just had to!}

  1. Biggest Middle school fashion mistake? Oh boy, in middle school, I was obsessed with Limited Too! I had a pair of light blue, glittery, velour flared pants I wore everywhere, including a trip to Hershey Park. Light-blue {almost white} pants and water rides are never a good idea.
  2. Who were your best friends in hs? Pics? I went to a private all-girl high school. Most of my friends good friends in high school were girls I had known since elementary school. We did add a few new people, but for the first two years of high school, everyone from my middle school was very close and we hung out a lot. We even called ourselves the “crew” {as if that was cool or something…}.
    8th Grade Graduation - '04

    8th Grade Graduation – ’04

    Year Day

    Year Day – ’06

    Senior Prom

    Senior Prom – ’08

    High School Graduation - '08

    High School Graduation – ’08

    First Day of College - '08

    First Day of College – ’08

    Girls Night Dinner

    Girls Night Dinner – ’10

    College Graduation - '12

    College Graduation – ’12

  3. What was a typical weekend like for you in hs? It changed a bit over the years. The first two years were spent mainly with the girls you see above and the rest of the “crew,” but as the years passed, we all started hanging out with boyfriends more on the weekends.
  4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that. I did. We actually dated off and on for 8 years. There were good times and bad, but overall mainly good memories.
  5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets! Ha! My friends and I did have some secret things {at least we thought they were…}. If we didn’t like someone we came up with a “secret” name that wasn’t actually so secret. One of my best friends {she’s in all the pictures above}, who I’ve known since I was 6, and I attempted to come up with a secret code, but it didn’t actually work. Inside jokes… we had a lot of those.

    New York Trip Throwback

    New York Trip Throwback

  6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be? I can’t really pick one day, which is actually surprising. Over the years I’ve grown to love every memory of high school and middle school. Something I never thought I’d do. One memory that was utterly insane was our Senior Year Day. My high school had a competition between classes every year. You got points for participation at events throughout the year and it culminated in “Year Day” which had usual field day games plus some random ones like putting together puzzles. It also had some big point earners focused around a theme: T-Shirt design, Hallway design {We had to design an elaborate walk through display in a hallway of the school}, Skit, Cheer, Songs, and Dance. The key was incorporating all the class mascots {ours was the Pink Panther}, all the class colors {we were red} AND that years theme. Seniors usually won, but my class was notoriously bad, and we usually came in last or close to it. Senior year though, our theme was Disney Movies and we picked Aladdin. By some miraculous event, we came together, and we actually won! The energy in the room as they announced it over the intercom was explosive. Seniors were in tears out of shock and happiness, and of course, the other classes hated us {at least until the next day of school}.

What are your best memories of school? Link up here.

Until next week…


{Sunday Social} Week #1

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday everyone. I’m linking up for my first Sunday Social. This week, it’s all about Valentine’s Day.

  1. Best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had? – To be perfectly honest, I’m one of those people who doesn’t enjoy Valentine’s day. It’s great if you have someone to spend it with, but I typically don’t, so it’s just another day.
  2. Worst Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had? – Again, Valentine’s day isn’t typically something I go out an celebrate, so I don’t have a worst or a favorite. I do know that this Valentine’s day despite all that’s happened recently was NOT the worst one, so that’s something.
  3. What did you do for Valentine’s day this year? – Nothing special. It’s just another day for me. I painted my nails pink, and did a few mini workouts with the Tone It Up girls. Oh… and I did get some flowers which was a nice surprise. 🙂
  4. Best Valentine’s idea if you’re single? – Don’t mope. Go out with friends. Do something fun.
  5. Favorite Valentine’s Candy? – The little Necco Sweethearts of course. It’s not Valentine’s Day without them. Some of the sayings they put on them are just silly.
  6. Favorite Valentine’s Day memory from your childhood? – My favorite memory by far was picking out all the fun Valentine’s day candies and cards. I always put a lot of thought into them. I had to have the coolest ones.

How was your Valentine’s Day?