Condo Project – Week 3

You know that point in every HGTV remodeling show where the couple is just DONE… I’m there. I can’t wait to just be done and moved in, and it seems like every time I turn around something else needs to be fixed whether it be mice chewing through electrical wires in the walls, my new Wemo light switch controlling everything BUT the light it should control, or even just realizing the shower curtain rod in the master was about to fall off the wall. Also adding to my frustration, in August, when I anticipated getting ready to move, I packed up everything but the necessities. Fast forward 2 months later and I’ve run out of necessities and have had to start unpacking again. I also packed up all my cold weather clothes which isn’t so enjoyable when the weather has been cold and rainy.

So what has gotten done other than the depletion of my energy?

Floors have been taped and painting has resumed. That sheet unfortunately is here to stay a bit longer. The shade I received from JCPenney was damaged. It’s also backordered, so I’m looking at November when I might actually get the remaining 3 blinds installed.IMG_3498 Again, I apologize for the awful lighting. With the Wemo switch not working properly, the living room no longer has any light except for the light in the hallway. If you look closely to the left of the fireplace, however, you’ll see the glow of a modem and router. Thanks to a surprisingly wonderful rep that came out from Comcast to fix the waste of time I spent on the phone (Comcast, if you’re listening your phone support absolutely sucks, and it was ME who actually discovered the problem after an hour of your reps putting me on hold, transferring me, and hanging up on me). The problem –  the line to my unit was disconnected out back. (8 units, 8 lines coming into the building, mine was the only one not connected, and not one the jacks coming in was free which means someone is using up more than they should). In any event, every things resolved and I’ve officially stepped back into the 21st century and have high speed internet at home. Hooray!IMG_3500 Doors and trim started getting painted or touched up.IMG_3501

This wonderful array of doors is 3 out of my 4 closet doors for the master.IMG_3510 And the last big project has also started. cabinet doors came off in the kitchen and bathrooms to be prepped for paint.IMG_3515You might also notice that my stove made it back into the kitchen, which means things are coming back in from the balcony finally.

Last but not least, we have a plumber/family-friend coming tonight! He’s going to do the work a little at a time, but the plan is to get the kitchen sink working again, get a line to the fridge run for the ice maker, see what needs to be done with the dishwasher, replace the hoses and valves in the laundry closet, check what’s going on with the master bath tub, and also pull the toilets so that we can lay new vinyl in the two bathrooms.

By the weekend, hopefully I will have a semi-functioning kitchen that includes a working sink, stove, microwave, and fridge that holds more than 6 cans of soda.

It’s coming along slowly but surely.

Check back in for more updates soon.

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Condo Project – New Floors

I was planning to include the pictures of the floors in my Week 3 post, but I just can’t wait any longer. The suspense is just killing me.

I bought this condo knowing it was a huge project, and I will admit, there was a huge part of me that doubted I could even do it. While I was getting everything started with the purchasing process, I avoided showing anyone the place. I mean I buy overly priced Apple products because they look nice, and then I turned around and bought this condo which was the furthest thing from being simple and well designed. I had a vision – a vision that scared me to no end because I felt it was completely unrealistic. I kept asking people, “I’m not crazy for doing this, right?” I was scared that too many episodes of Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, and other HGTV shows convinced me I could do something I really couldn’t.

Every place I looked at had carpet that I planned to replace, so the pink carpet didn’t really deter me that much. I really didn’t care what I put down as long as it looked like wood and wasn’t carpet. I started looking at wood-look sheet vinyl, but I couldn’t find any samples that weren’t so obviously vinyl. In the end connections paid off, and I happened to find enough of a discontinued laminate at the right price. Truthfully I wasn’t sold though. For the price, I couldn’t beat it, so I went for it because the pink carpet had to go. The color and pattern on the sample weren’t something I absolutely loved though.

And then the sample arrived, and I started warming up to them.IMG_3420

On the day the floors went in, I had this crazy moment of “Wow! This is really happening. I own this place!” I still can’t get over it, and the floors are absolutely perfect. The difference floors make is so incredible.

IMG_3431I’m thrilled that they could be run straight down the unit lengthwise. It makes views like this fantastic.
IMG_3433 IMG_3434 IMG_3439 IMG_3442 And just for comparison, I’ve included a before and after pic. IMG_3443

As I mentioned earlier in the post, I’ve doubted myself throughout this project. The timeline seems like it keeps getting longer and longer, and it feels as though I might never move in, but seeing this transformation is so gratifying.

The rest of Week 3’s updates are coming soon.

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Condo Project – Week 2

Ready for Week 2’s progress? It’s pretty dramatic!

We hit a major milestone in Week 2 – removing the last of the wallpaper. Sadly, I did not document the momentous occasion. There were many jokes of how I had changed my mind on paint and opted to go with wallpaper over every wall again, but I think the wallpaper is gone for good.

With the wallpaper down, we could start patching walls. {For those of you that are curious, we’ve been working our through the rooms starting with the kitchen and ending with the bathrooms with each stage of the process.}


Hopefully my HOA understands I’m in mid renovation; because my balcony looks like this… Right now I’m sure I’m that neighbor everyone hates, and I hate it.
IMG_3395We painted and primed the shoe molding in preparation of the floors going in.
IMG_3400 And then the first coats of paint started going up.

10712893_10202897038326880_4161795704258519326_nIn this picture, the ceiling looks grey as well, BUT I assure you it is white.IMG_3405IMG_3425I bought a 5 gallon container of Behr’s Light French Gray to paint the entire place. I didn’t expect the color to look so drastically different on each of the walls. Thankfully the shades all go together and add a bit of dimension to the place.

IMG_3411Of course there was a hitch in my plan. The cabinets now look atrocious next to the grey walls and white trim, so the painting of the cabinets has been moved up in the timeline.IMG_3406 I also scored this beauty of a dresser for $16. Yes, $16! The drawers are behind it. It was just too heavy to move with them. The plan is to refinish the top to match the farm table we’re building, and paint the base white.IMG_3416 We also got the first boxes of flooring. Here’s a sneak peak.IMG_3420I can’t wait to show you the floors installed.

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