{Filofax Friday} The Tour – Part 1

So for the first part of the {Filofax Friday} posts, I’m going to be doing a tour of my lovely personal size Osterley in Plum. To keep it from being one long picture-heavy snooze-fest, I’m going to break it up into a few parts. This first part will be an overview of the set-up. I’ll go into further detail with how I use my monthly, weekly, and daily {yes, I use all three} inserts in later posts.

Here she is in all her glory. Not too stuffed, but just stuffed enough. I had wanted to name her as I did with my personal Malden{Molly} and pocket Malden {Polly – get it Polly Pocket for any of you who may have played with them…} but honestly what starts with O. So she just stays as Osterley. {Full disclaimer: I reused pictures from the Filofax Photo Challenge because nothing has really changed.}

Filofax Personal Osterley

Filofax Personal Osterley in Plum

In the front pockets I have a set of oddly- sized pink Post-It notes I found one day when I was cleaning out our office. They are slightly smaller than a business card which is perfect for the personal size. I just wish I could find them in stores. I also have my library card {for checking out e-books}, and the Filofax card still for some reason. In the full length pocket, I have a DayRunner zip pocket that has my Masking-It sticky flags, and some sticky to-do lists from Muji. {I’m still trying to get in the habit of using them.}

Day 6 - Pocket

My front page is some gorgeous glittery scrapbook paper which I absolutely love. Here’s a close up of the glittery awesomeness.

Day 16 - Pretty

Behind that, I have my goals tab {a top tab using a sticky tab by Martha Stewart} which has my overall “resolutions” for my life on the front, and more specific goals and projects for 2013 and “2014 and beyond” on the back. {For anyone who hasn’t read any of my other posts about my goals, this is a new addition for 2013.}

Goals Tab

The next section is my Diary tab {nothing special here, just the standard Filofax Diary divider} which has my monthly, weekly, and yearly inserts.

The Diary section is followed by a To-Do tab that holds my daily inserts.

Filofax Tabs

The rest of the sections {decorated with washi tape} are used less frequently are dedicated to areas of my life:

  • Me {for personal projects}
  • Work {for information and work projects}
  • School {for graduate school info}
  • Financial {wishlists and gift ideas}
  • and Misc. {store cards, important numbers, prescription information}.

I may or may not go into further detail on these tabs in a separate post. {If you want me to, let me know.} To be honest, I probably don’t really need all tabs at the back. I actually had to look through and see what I even had in the sections as I was writing this. I just don’t know where else to put the “stuff” and haven’t sat down to figure it out. I may do this soon though.

At the very back in the full length pocket,  I keep another Day Runner zip pocket that has my coupons tucked into it.

One of the best things about the Osterley is it’s two elasticized pen loops. In the front loop I keep a black Bic Atlantis for general things, and the back one holds a Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 5 Color Multi Pen from JetPens for my color coding.
Day 4 - Writing Utensils

That’s it for this week. If any of you are still with me, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the set up of my Filofax. Tune in… {Can I say that for a blog? I feel like that’s for TV and radio broadcasts.} Anyway… tune in next week for a peek at how I use my monthly and weekly inserts. You guys may like what I have going on… I’ll give you a hint…  it’s my solution to get monthly inserts and tabs working with weekly pages…



6 thoughts on “{Filofax Friday} The Tour – Part 1

    • Andrea says:

      I think there’s a lot more of us than we think sometimes. Working at a university, it’s still surprisingly common to see people using paper planners. Who knows, maybe they’ll make a comeback… *wishful thinking*

  1. PRANATHI says:

    hi:) I am new to filofax. Your ideas are wonderful. May I know the size of the zip pouch from day timer you are using or do you have a link to the product? I have a personal finsbury in blue. The day timer pouches look big:(

    • Andrea says:

      I purchased the DayRunner pouches from Staples several years ago, but I can’t find a link to them online. They may still have some in stores or if you search online, but I’m not sure. The Dayrunner site had some similar but none in that size. They also all had an ugly red strip on them where the zipper section is. The ones I have actually fit in the personal size perfectly (in the rings and everything). In the picture I pulled it out, otherwise it tucks completely away behind the card slots. They make getting everything out at once a lot easier. I also prefer them to the Filofax brand because they don’t have a bulky zipper pull that messes up my pages.

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