February Photo-a-Day Challenge Recap

FMS Photo A Day February 2013

In an effort to keep up with my resolution to take more pictures, I decided participating in a photo challenge each month would be a good goal for 2013.

I stumbled across this challenge which seems to be quite popular on Instagram, and I was fairly excited. However, I wish I could say I fully completed the challenge. This month was a massive fail for me in terms of this photo challenge. In fact, I only managed to get to day 10, and I was incredibly shocked when I got my notification that today was the day to post this recap.

In any event, out of the measly 10 photos I have, these are my favorites.

Day 2. Pattern #fmsphotoaday

Day 2. Pattern #fmsphotoaday

Day 3. Something beginning with "E" #fmsphotoaday

Day 3. Something beginning with “E” #fmsphotoaday

Day 5. Something you smelled. #fmsphotoaday

Day 5. Something you smelled. #fmsphotoaday

Tomorrow begins March’s photo challenge. Visit FatMumSlim to view the March Photo Challenge list and all the lovely information on how to play along.

Here’s to another month down, and a new beginning. See you all tomorrow.


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