{Update} Finally Focused

I’m pretty excited because I had a bit of an epiphany recently in terms of this blog. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve got the starting a blog part down packed. Keeping up with it is another story. I’ve lost count of how many blogs I created only to write one or two posts that would never be published.

As a goal for 2013, I hit this ground running with this blog, and I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to stick with it for 3 months so far. During that time, I’ve written over 30 posts that I actually did publish! In those three months, and I’ve watched the stats increase day by day. I’ve realized blogging is a lot harder than I had imagined, but it’s also a much more rewarding experience than I had ever imagined which is likely why I’ve stuck with it for as long as I have. BUT… I’ve started struggling a bit in terms of what to write about.

As a new blogger, I’m learning things as I go, but I’ve also been reading a few books along the way. I just recently finished Blogging for Dummies by Susannah Gardener which was a bit dated {it came out in 2008}, and offered only a few bits of useful information that I didn’t already know or consider. {It was a book for dummies after all and I wouldn’t say I’m a dummy.} I’m currently reading Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community by  Joy Deangdeelert Cho and Meg Mateo Ilasco., and I’m enjoying this book a bit more. The interviews are fantastic, and I feel like I’m getting a lot more out of this book than the other.

One thing that has repeatedly come up over and over again is “finding your niche.” I wanted this blog to be about my life, so  I never felt like there was just one thing I wanted to write about. {My life is actually a lot more than just Filofaxes which isn’t very apparent on this blog right now.}

But what did I actually want to write about?

When I started this blog, I had this dream that I’d become one of those super-creative/cute bloggers that have fantastic posts about home renovations, recipes, and fun outings in my life with amazing photos. {Think Pink Pistachio, iHeart Organizing, or The House of Smiths.} Things just weren’t turning out that way, and I was becoming discouraged. So I started thinking about why they weren’t working.

That’s when I had the epiphany. Those bloggers live vastly different lives than I do. I’m not a housewife with young kids and lots of time to make picture perfect posts about my home renovations and arts and crafts, and  I certainly don’t have plans to become a mom any time soon, nor do I plan on quitting my job. That dream, at least in this point in my life, is utterly unrealistic.

So what is realistic?

Well I’m a 22-year-old woman who’s managed in four short years to work her way up from a student making minimum wage at an on-campus job to managing those students. I’ve graduated from college in 4 years {which apparently isn’t the norm anymore}, and I’ve even started pursuing a Masters degree. Never in a million years would I have seen myself where I am now four years ago. I’m trying to find my way in a world where I often don’t feel like I fit in or understood or ready for for that matter.  I think there’s something valuable and worth blogging about in how I’m finding my place in the world whether it be my struggle with finding a style that conveys that I’m not just another student at my university but an employee or how I manage my time and stay sane in this sometimes hectic life I call mine {with a bit of fun stuff thrown in there too of course}.

So I’ve finally found my focus for this blog. Don’t worry Filofax fans, my Filofax posts aren’t going away. My planner, after all, is what makes this blog possible. I am excited to finally have some sort of realistic direction for this blog. I feel like it finally has a purpose that can not only help me, but maybe help some other young women in this world who may be trying to make everything work.

Oh and a quick extra update… I have a new Twitter account for this blog should you want to follow it that way. You can follow me @littlelifeblog.

If any one has any suggestions or feedback on ideas or content, I’m always willing to hear them. Shoot me an email at littlelifeblog@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “{Update} Finally Focused

  1. Carla says:

    FYI, I am already a big fan. So, I hope you stick around for awhile. I, too, have been an on again/off again blogger. I used to do it quite frequently back in my early college years (many years ago) and started back up again late last year so I’m fairly “new” and trying to get back into the swing of things. It’s hard, I know. I’m a housewife with a young kid but, sadly, not the kind with lots of time to make picture perfect posts about home renovations and arts and crafts like the ones you mentioned. ;D

    It’s definitely a learning process and one that takes time. I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m also a big fan of Joy Cho’s blog and have been meaning to read her book. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to go check it out.

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks so much. I’m glad someone’s enjoying this blog. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just talking to myself, so it’s nice to know people do read it. Blog, Inc. is a great book even if just for the stories in it. Some people have really interesting histories.

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