{Sunday Social} Week #6

Sunday Social

Another week has come and gone. As much as I dislike Sundays because it means the weekends over, I happen to love them too because Sundays are my days to reboot and get prepared for the up coming week.

Sidenote: I love random acts of kindness, and I just had to share this because it made my day. I happened to be in line at a Walmart yesterday picking up a few things. The couple in front of me told me I could go in front of them. That in itself would have been a nice enough gesture because even that never happens at my Walmart, but the story continues. A few minutes later they switched to another shorter checkout lane. As they were finishing up, they noticed I was still waiting in line, so they called me over to their lane, but as I walked over, someone with more stuff than the girl in the previous line beat me to it. The couple then said to the guy who was in front of me, “Sir, she’s with us. Can she go in front of you?” The guy happened to say yes. I didn’t know these people at all, but it was such a nice gesture, so thank you mystery Walmart couple.

This Weeks Questions:

1. What is your favorite thing about Spring? – The weather is absolutely perfect. I also love spring colors and all the cute clothes.
2. Favorite kind of flowers to grow or receive? –  I love lilies. I’m not exactly sure why, and I don’t have a particular favorite kind. Just any kind of lilies.
3. What is your favorite nail polish color? – I’ve never actually thought about having a favorite color. I kind of just pick based on what mood I’m in or what new colors I’ve gotten in the mail. Recently I’ve been using more mauve-y shades. It’s girly but not too girly that it’s unprofessional. As somewhat of a manager now, I think my days of neon pink nails are coming to an end.

4. What is your favorite out door activity? – If it’s not playing with my dogs out in the yard, it’s bringing the dogs AND cats outside and sitting on the deck with something to drink and something to read. I have an iPad but that’s not so great in sun, so I’m considering getting a Kindle at some point.
5. Do you have any fun Spring plans? Details :) – Work work, and more work. Oh, and the massive bedroom remodel I’ve been planning. I’m going to start making some posts about it soon.

You can join in with this week’s Sunday Social by linking up on Neely’s blog, A Complete Waste of Makeup.



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