My {Filofax} Week 14

Paper Lovestory's My Week

So funny story this morning… I use one of those “smart “clocks that automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time, except mine’s old so it’s programmed to the old day light savings time. Turns out today would have been the day that clocks went forward according to the old. My alarm went off. I got ready as usual, picked up my phone midway through getting ready to check my email, and noticed it was like 6:20… Thankfully it sprung forward rather than me being an hour late. I guess it’s finally time to order that new alarm clock. Anyway, here I am up WAY too early, but it worked out well because I can write this post which I did not write yesterday as planned and also head to get my new parking pass for the gated garage right behind the building I work in! No more 10 minute walks in heels! YAY! I also managed to stop by the Starbucks on campus too.

Here’s my week:


So first off, if you’ve been following along with my weekly posts, you’ll notice a change – Cotton Cream inserts. I’m liking them so far but I may be the only one who wishes these were on white paper. I like everything being the same color and daily and monthly pages don’t come in Cotton Cream. The super observant might also spy some new Coleto pens which I will dish all the details on in Friday’s post.

If there was ever a week that I just failed miserably at everything, this would be it. I just wasn’t with it. I was distracted and falling apart.

Monday I woke up not feeling well at all. I emailed everyone at work and said I wouldn’t be in. In a way, it worked out well, because apparently I had a meeting mis-scheduled on my calendar that I’d have never known about until I walked all the way across campus and realized no one was there.

Tuesday and Wednesday went fairly smoothly. No surprises really.

Thursday I woke up and my eyes were insanely puffy, but I convinced myself to make the best of it and go to work, because I had a meeting with my boss. I have never been able to drive with glasses, so I put my contacts in and hoped for the best. Puffy eyes and contacts don’t mix. All day, my eyes were wrinkling my contacts as I blinked. Adding stress to the day, I had to lead another Box demo on campus. This time it was without the guys who normally lead the whole process so it was sort of up to me to make sure it went smoothly.

Friday was pretty much unbearable. When I woke up, my eyes were even worse than the day before. They weren’t only puffy, but they had started peeling and they stung. Nothing worse than dry, scaly, stinging eyes, so in an effort to not put my contacts in, I decided to see if I could work from home because I . Thankfully my boss agreed. It’s really amazing how much work you can get done when you are cut off from distractions. I have my own office at work, but the “walls” are glass above desk height. They also don’t go up to the ceiling so even if I shut my door, people can still easily ask me things through the glass. There is really no privacy whatsoever so working from home let me work fairly uninterrupted on cleaning up some of our online support documentation.

The weather over the weekend was absolutely gorgeous. I spent the majority of it outside or out and about. My car enjoyed a nice, well-deserved bath too. Unfortunately good weather is distracting to me, and I woke up this morning realizing I forgot to turn in my assignment Sunday night. The class doesn’t accept late work, so I just have to move on and take the missing grade. Hopefully I have better luck this week.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my week.



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