My {Filofax} Week 16

Paper Lovestory's My Week

Hi readers! I’m sure many of you have been wondering where I’ve disappeared to. I had been meaning to post a few things over the past week but got distracted with other things. I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things, but things on here may have to get put on hold for a bit. I promise it will be worth it though.

Here’s my week:

photo 1

It’s a bit blurry, and you’ll see not much was checked off. I did get things done though, just not that stuff!

My air purifier and Allegra have been working miracles on my allergies.

I finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy which I have to admit was pretty enjoyable.  I also finished a silly book, Nadia Knows Best, that I checked out from the library’s ebook site. I guess it would have been better had I lived in Europe as I had to pay attention to every day cultural references. I did understand a few though one of which was the mention of a Filofax!

My school assignments were pushed back a week, so I got another week to relax!

We had some meetings at work. Nothing too interesting.

Saturday morning, I went to my wonderful friend’s new house. It’s just gorgeous and I’m so happy for her! The plan was to help her paint. While her mom painted the kitchen AND dining room, we managed to paint one tiny hallway only to decide the color (or lack of color) wasn’t working. The white was just overpowering and made you feel really uncomfortable. At least now it’s a good color to paint over… I spent the majority of the day at her house, but when I got home, I was still in painting mode so I broke out the ceiling paint and an edger and painted the edges of my ceiling. Mr. Chase also tried helping by learning to climb a ladder with the help of some cat treats. He spent the rest of the night climbing up and down just for the heck of it.


Sunday turned out to be an exhausting one. I woke up with the intention of just painting a second coat on the edges of my ceiling since bits of pink from the walls had been coming through. That took about 10 minutes thanks to my handy dandy edge tool. Then I decided to paint around my ceiling fan and light fixtures… My hallway light fell off in my hands and wouldn’t go back up. I couldn’t let it go because it was hanging from the wires but I was also the only one in the house… so I stood there stupidly holding it, hoping that my mother or someone else would have heard me calling for help over the stereo. Eventually someone came, but we couldn’t get the light back up, so I ran down, switched off the breaker (which cut power to my whole room), shoved the cat tower under the light, painted around it, and waited for the paint to dry. I was stuck in my room (the cat tower blocking my door) with no power, so I asked for a paint tray and roller and started working on painting my ceiling. I’d say I got around 2/3 of the way done my bedroom before I realized the floor was incredibly comfortable and didn’t want to move anymore.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my week. Stay tuned for the very late March Ipsy/Birchbox review and the proper introduction to my bedroom project complete with sort of before pictures.



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