March Birchbox and Ipsy Bag Reviews

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while as I usually post the reviews for the previous month around the time I get the April boxes.



If I were to put Birchbox and Ipsy up against each other (which I usually do), Birchbox would have won hands down for the month of March, not that the products for the month were anything special, Ipsy just dropped the ball. So here’s what I got in my March Birchbox and what I thought of the products:

  1. Incoco® Design Nail Polish Appliques – I had never tried any nail strip type product before so I was excited to try these. I wasn’t crazy about the design, but Incoco appears to have some better designs on their website. Now putting these on wasn’t exactly easy and they didn’t turn out fantastic, but they held up way longer than had I just painted my nails. (I’m talking 2 weeks vs. a few days.) I did apply a top coat to my nails even though it said you didn’t have to so I have no idea if that helped.
  2. Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo – My hair is fine and gets oily quite quickly so this was fantastic on those nights I wanted to go out late but didn’t want to shower again. I don’t think I’d be able to use it rather than washing my hair for the day. It gave my hair just enough “oomph” for the night though.
  3. Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream – Maybe it was the sample size for this product and not knowing how much to use, but I just didn’t see anything special about this shave cream. It had the consistency of a Clearasil cream cleanser, that didn’t lather well or do much of anything but rinse right off. I’m not one to use shave cream often in general. My Schick Hydro Silk razor and some body wash is normally enough, but $20 for the full size of this product just seems outrageous to me.
  4. Madewell for Birchbox Nail Emery Board – The other side of this emery board is a floral print that just isn’t really my taste. I guess it’s quite appropriate for Spring, but wasn’t for me. It also wasn’t anything special. Just a basic nail file.
  5. Caldrea Body Lotion – I have to be honest with this one. I haven’t had dry skin so I haven’t tried these at the time of writing this. I will try and post an update if I do try them.



Ipsy just didn’t live up to my expectations with this box. The bags themselves lately seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper, but usually the products aren’t that bad. March was pretty disappointing though.

  1. La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover 8ct Pouch – These are the perfect size to travel with. I was excited when my aunt (also an Ipsy subscriber) sent them to my house with all her other  not so favorite Ipsy products. They will definitely live in my travel bag, but nothing really special about them.
  2. Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist – I’m not sure whether the sprayer for this sample was bad or what. I was excited to try this product, but the sprayer was just not meant for the product. I sprayed it on my face as I would with my Skindinavia finishing spray but I ended up getting soaked which just frustrated me. I have no idea if it would have worked better on my hair because after the shower it gave me, I put it away.
  3. GlamRX GlamRX Mini Freestyle Palette – I suppose if I redid my makeup on the go, this would be a good idea, but it was fairly useless to me.
  4. yaby Eyeshadow Refill – I got the two more neutral shades in the picture. They weren’t anything special that I really wanted to try, so these honestly didn’t get used. I put them in the GlamRX palette and they are now sitting in a drawer.

My overall impressions should be obvious. Birchbox had it all over Ipsy for March. As a sneak peak towards next month’s review, I think Birchbox again may be a winner.


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