{Sunday Social} 4 Things

Sunday Social

  1. 4 favorite things to do on a weekend:  Sleeping in for sure, even if that’s only until 8am. Do absolutely nothing. Spend the day shopping, and taking the dogs to Starbucks.
  2. 4 favorite things about your best friend: She just gets me. Whether I see her once a week or once a month, we still never run out of things to talk about. For some reason, we have the same tastes in like everything. (I’m talking we painted our rooms the same colors, we had the same bikes, coats, etc.when we were little.) If I had a twin in this world, (not identical or anything, just similarities…) it’d be her.
  3. 4 things you would do with $100,000: Pay off my credit cards (which is like $500 total). Buy my mom a new car. Put the rest to the mortgage. I guess that’s only three… maybe I’d buy a new Filofax…The grey Osterley is still calling my name.
  4. 4 favorite books you’ve ever read: Where the Wild Things Are, The Giver, Harry Potter, Gone Girl.
  5. 4 favorite snack foods: Granola, Cereal, Chex Mix, Chocolate covered raisins
  6. 4 things that you must do daily: Feed the kitties, take my vitamins, make the bed, read.


2 thoughts on “{Sunday Social} 4 Things

  1. Sean@His and Her Hobbies says:

    I’d totally forgotton about the Harry Potter books but they are definetely up there on my fav list too. Do the dogs like going to Starbucks? I had a dachshund that used to love going to McDonalds cause he would get a soft serve cone. I remember one day he woke from a deep sleep, almost knocked over 3 people trying to get out the door and jumped straight into the SUV so he could go when he heard the word McDonalds.

    • Andrea says:

      Harry Potter’s been on my radar lately because I’ve been hearing about J.K. Rowling’s latest book. I don’t know whether or not the dogs like Starbucks because they don’t have “people” food, but it’s an excuse for them to go for a ride which they love. I just take them through the drive through though because they each weigh around 80 lbs. and when they are excited, that’s a little too much for little ol’ me. It’s still enough to make them perk up when anyone says “Wanna go to Starbucks?” though.

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