My {Filofax} Week 17

Paper Lovestory's My Week

I’m a wee bit late on this post today, but here it is nonetheless.

Here’s my week:


Last week was pretty bare. I went full-blown OCD and put my weekly pages over top of a lined sheet of paper to make sure everything was lined up. That’s really as far as it went with my Filofax though.

I caught up on Youtube videos and Pocket articles. The total stands at 19 articles in Pocket and 150 videos on YouTube. I actually hit the 200 video limit a week or so ago, so I’ve been watching them little by little, the shortest to longest, to get the number down quickly.

I’ve officially decided the Photo-A-Day challenges are not for me. I can’t do it. I always forget, and it ends up being 20 photos on one day instead.

The Tone It Up Bikini Series kicked off on Tuesday and I’ve been somewhat trying to eat healthier and stay on track with my workouts. A treadmill is in the near future though so I can start running.

Over the weekend was where the real fun started and I got the house all to myself for the first time in years! I was honestly shocked at how large the house seemed which was a big unexpected. I’ve lived here for 13 years and I’ve never had that feeling before. I’m excited to finally have my bed to myself again for a bit though.

One of my favorite parts of the week isn’t even on here. I may be a few months late since I had planned February to be my month to focus on friendships and relationships, but I’m thrilled to say that I was able to reconnect with someone I figured was gone for good. A unexpected text turned into plans for a quick bite to eat but that turned into almost 6 hours just talking and catching up. It was pretty great, and I feel incredibly lucky to have another chance.

And last but not least, the pink is going away. Little by little, I’m working on getting parts of my room painted. It’s a bit sad, but I cannot wait until I can show off the finished product. (But first I need to get on that blog post for the before pictures…)

Anyway, on to another week… hopefully equally as good as the last.



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