Where’s Andrea?

Hello lovely readers,

Last week I promised I’d new posts would be coming this week. Now I’m not one to break a promise so here I am, but I can’t say for sure when I’ll be back {you’ll see why in a bit}, but this is sure to be a long post. I haven’t really posted anything worthwhile since May 13. So what exactly have I been doing?

I finished my second graduate course for my Masters degree in Instructional Systems Design. I can honestly say I counted down the days until I was done with the course – not because I didn’t enjoy it. I loved it because it made me realize that I’ve unexpectedly managed to find a way to combine my childhood dreams of being a designer, teacher, and working with computers without ever realizing it. What I didn’t enjoy is actually having to do work. I procrastinate so I found every little way to not do my work until the last minute. {I shouldn’t do homework at work. My internet connection is too slow at home. The list goes on.} Waiting until the last minute backfired on me quite a few times when I totally missed Friday deadlines thinking they were on the usual Sunday.

Work was probably the most stressful it’s ever been. Around the beginning of May, students start worrying about finals. While I was worrying about finishing my own class, I had to not only keep on top of making sure we had coverage in our office, but also put together the Summer schedule. Imagine my surprise, 2 weeks before the Summer started, when I realized our current students were all available to work the exact same hours. We had gaping holes in the schedule, and I had no choice but to hire new staff nearly 2 months earlier than I’d planned. Thankfully I started collecting resumes in March. I browsed through over 50 resumes, interviewed about 10 people within about 3 days, and made a decision to hire them shortly thereafter. In the end, we got a few new employees and were able to fill the majority of our gaps in the schedule which was posted 5 days before the Summer hours began. {I’m going to say I succeeded.}

The week the interviews and schedule making was going on, my mom went in for her 2nd shoulder surgery. She had her first one in August of last year, but reinjured her shoulder a couple months ago trying to do the Surfer Girl workout from the Tone It Up! Beach Babe DVD. I took off of work for 2 days during that week to take her to her surgery and I suppose be there for moral support. I desperately needed a couple days off, but I still set up my computer, 24″ monitor and everything in the dining room and worked for the majority of the time.

Why was it in the dining room you ask? Because my room renovations have FINALLY begun, and I’m talking big time. My room is currently a disaster zone.


This was a few days ago. The pink is gone, but there’s twice as much furniture in the middle of the floor.


Everything in my two closets has been relocated to our two guest bedrooms which are so full the doors can’t even shut {Now keep in mind, I somehow managed to fit what is now occupying around 350 sq. feet in those rooms into two not so large closets (maybe a total of 40 sq. feet together). How it all fit is beyond me.} My TV and anything breakable has also been moved into other rooms. All other furniture is sitting in the middle of my room, including my bed which is the only usable piece in the room. Needless to say I’ve not been spending much time in my room aside from sleeping.

If that weren’t enough, my bathroom is also a mess. Getting ready is a major pain in the “you know what.” When I emptied out my closets, I decided to stack my clothes in the other rooms so they are absolutely useless unless I want to rummage through piles if I can even get to them in the first place. I’m basically living out of the clothes I just washed that are currently still in the dryer because I have no other place to put them. My bathroom mirror and light are also currently missing waiting to be replaced, so I have to pack up my makeup every morning and make my way into the bathroom in the hallway. The good news is my updated skincare routine {*hint hint* future blog post :)} has me wearing less makeup so I don’t have to tote too much back and forth.

In any event, the majority of the painting is almost wrapped up. My bathroom should be getting a mirror and light tomorrow {I hope.}, and I should be able to get things back in my closets soon. After that, it should be smooth sailing with the fun part of buying furniture and accessorizing.

Once my room’s not in chaos, be on the lookout for a lot of fun posts about what I did.



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