Taking a Quick Break

Welcome back everyone,

Today I’m sharing a quick update. While I’d love to have My Week post here instead, I honestly just don’t have the time at the moment. I know I sound like a broken record, but this week is probably the most chaotic of the year.

For those of you who don’t know, I help to supervise around 15 college students that work as a tech support help desk for the university. By Wednesday, 14,000 students will have returned to campus, and consequently, this week is hectic. Students are wondering why they can’t log in, see their courses online, or get their internet working in their dorms. Professors are scrambling to get their courses ready in time for the first day of classes, and staff are running around like crazy trying to please everyone as much as they can.

Work turns into phones ringing off the hook and customers stopping by for help as well. Tons of questions flood into the office, but the usual work doesn’t stop either meaning how-to articles need to be updated, product demos need to be presented, and weekly reviews still have to be done on top of the flood of other things. The majority of our department just hopes to make it to “10th day,” the 10th day of classes when everything finally starts to calm down. Right now we aren’t even at day 1, and it’s already crazy.

So this week is chaotic already to say the least, but let’s add to the fact that I also go back to school. This semester I’m taking a graduate course on the Adult Learner. I’m oh so thrilled…

Anyway, I just really have no time this week between my own class, keeping things running smoothly in the office as usual, and also keeping the frantic campus community happy, and that’s just work and school…

So I’ll return to posting next week hopefully when it will be a bit calmer, and I can actually remember to eat and breath.


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