{Filofax Friday} New Goodies and Yet Another Addition

Happy Friday everyone!

Since I’ve gotten back into Filofaxing lately, I decided it was time to do a Filofax Friday post again. I’ve managed to get some fun goodies over the past month or two, so I’m going to share them all with you today. It’s a long list, and while I fully admit I have a shopping addiction, this haul was bought over the past two months, so it isn’t too bad… right?


First up, I picked up two of the Martha Stewart expanding files from Staples. Adam from Adamsfilo on YouTube had shown how he used them to organize his inserts, and had been wanting to get something similar even before seeing his videos. The fact that the aqua color in the Martha Stewart line matches my room’s new color scheme had me sold. I picked up two, but truthfully, I could have used more. Now my unused Filofaxes can go back in their boxes, and my inserts are a bit more organized.


I also picked up some goodies from Michaels. I finally bought some of the stickers that were prepunched to fit in personal sized binders, some stamp ink pads, some fun pen-style ink pads from K & Company (perfect for stamping on the go…), and some other fun bits and bobs. In the picture above the closest ink colors look to be purple, orange, and gold. The colors are actually pink, orange, and yellow. There’s a bit of a shadow in the picture, but the labels on the inks are also really off, so it’s not just my camera. Figured I’d point that out in case you’re interested in picking them up.

IMG_2457 copy

When I saw Nadine’s video on the new StudioL2E Plan It stamps, I had to have them. They arrived about a week ago, and I can say that I adore them already. They are going to get so much use it’s not even funny.


Now on to the Amazon goodies. I ordered some stamping blocks for my stamps. I also ordered some stickers and flags, and one of the Cosmos Passport Organizers everyone seems to be toting around with their Filos. You can see them all above.


Next up are some fun things from JetPens. My Frixion highlighters were running dry so I ordered a new set along with a snazzy Frixion retractable pen and some black refills. Earlier in the month, before I decided to go back to black pens and highlighters, I had also picked up a complete set of retractable Frixions pens, and the Frixion markers in all the lovely colors as well. I may not have needed so many, but I fully stand by the statement that you can never have too many Frixions, and I’m sure I’ll find a use for them.


While we’re on the subject of pens, I ordered a Swarovski pen off of Ebay. I have no idea whether or not this pen is a real Swarovski pen, but it’s still gorgeous. It adds just the right amount of sparkle to my Osterley, and it writes nicely.

Almost done… I promise. I just couldn’t help myself with these last two purchases.


I ended up ordering the Life is Crafted Wo2P inserts for Personal size. They were pricey which is why I kept putting it off, but I kept coming back to them. I can say they were totally worth it. I honestly squealed with excitement as I opened the package. Arienne sent them along with some lovely extras like things from Kikki.K which we don’t have here in the US, a funny little post card, and even a cute handwritten note! The inserts are adorable as I had expected. My poor Osterley is a bit stuffed now, but by far, my favorite part has to be the dividers for the months. They put any other dividers I’ve ever seen to shame in terms of quality and design. I’m so happy I got them.

And last but not least… the unexpected addition.

I have quite a few saved searches on Ebay for random binders I’m on the look out for. You know for the ones that are discontinued, you can’t find anywhere, and you’re just patiently waiting for someone to decide to sell theirs… For me, one of those was a personal ochre Malden. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but the supply of ochre Maldens for some reason just exploded on Ebay quite recently.  Of course, I didn’t jump on any until I realized the only one left was starting at $120 or Buy It Now for $156 PLUS shipping! Crazy!

Of course the little voice in my head started saying “STUPID! YOU WAITED TOO LONG!” and then, like I did with my Osterley, I went to Google frantically searching away. I found one at Pen Boutique thankfully not for $156+shipping but for $79 with an additional $5 discount and free shipping. Into my cart it went, and I’m awaiting it’s arrival.

And that’s not all… For years, I’ve been ordering my Filofaxes online, thinking there weren’t any local retailers around me. I know you can check on the Filofax site, but I just never bothered because there really aren’t any boutique-like stationary places just big chains like Staples. So imagine my surprise when I realized the place I ordered it from was actually 9 miles… NINE!!!… away from my house! I checked Filofax’s site and it turns out I have not one but TWO retailers within 9 miles of my house! My mom’s response was, “Now you can buy all the Filofax supplies in the world!” I’m not sure whether she was being sarcastic or what, but as much as I’d love to be able to, I’m not sure my wallet would enjoy it, nor would my closets.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my haul. Let me know if you have any questions.



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