The Countdown is On!

My date for settlement is officially less than 10 days away!

Last week, my mom finally got to see the place for the first time although without any electricity. The electricity unfortunately didn’t get turned on until the day after she got to see it. I have no clue whether she actually liked the place or just thinks I’m insane.

Thankfully, finally having electricity meant I could schedule the inspection, which was done on Saturday morning. No major surprises. Everything worked, despite being old and likely original or needing minor repairs. Given that this place is a fixer upper, it was exactly what I expected. Either way, not so cheap upgrades are in my future. I’m just glad they aren’t necessary right away.

Once the inspection was over, I signed my life away, acknowledging that I’m purchasing the property “As-Is.”

The rest of my weekend was spent packing things up little by little. My plan is to get out of my current home ASAP before chaos ensues, so knowing that settlement is happening on the first day of the semester, I’m planning for my time to be limited thanks to being busy at work, as well as classes, and renovations.

Current {Ambitious} Timeline:

August 27 – Settlement

Remove Any Unwanted Leftovers (e.g. mirrors, nasty fridge, window decals, ceiling fans in bathrooms –seriously why?)

Replace Carpet

Remove Wallpaper + Borders and other nonsense on walls



September 12-13 – Move In

*The painting is negotiable. I really want to have the place painted before I move in, but I also want to get in as soon as possible so I may move and then paint as I go.

Fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong.

Signature Update



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