Quick Update on Life

I’m back for a quick update on many fronts, but mainly the condo.

August 27th came and went with no settlement. There was an issue with the deed that my title company offered to fix, but no one could get ahold of the person to give the “okay” from the seller.

After a lot of waiting, I have a new settlement date AND TIME, so it seems as though it’ll be official on Friday afternoon. Friday also happens to be the day for not one but two birthdays in my house, AND new iPhone day, so Friday is going to be crazy.

After settlement on Friday, I’m going to head over to the condo and get started on demo. There’s a lot that needs to come out: excessive amounts of ceiling fans including one in the master bathroom, pink carpet, wallpaper, awkward shelving, broken blinds, a nasty fridge etc.

The plan is to get as much out as possible on Friday and Saturday. I took off on Monday and Tuesday, so Sunday and Monday will be primarily wallpaper removal, repairs, and cleaning. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to start painting on Tuesday, but I’m not counting on it.

Adding to the complications is my class which meets Thursdays from 7:10-9:40. {Seriously who ever thought classes at that time of night were a good idea is crazy.} I also meet with some of my classmates on Mondays nights so there’s two nights out of the mix plus the times I’m at work.

In other news, however, I did discover the shuttle for campus runs right past my house at least 6 days a week, so if I ever break down or get stuck in snow, I can just take the bus to work which is pretty cool.

Anyway that’s that. Get ready for some Before pictures coming soon.

Signature Update

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